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The System for Convection Analysis
and Nowcasting (SCAN)


Basic SCAN Elements

In order for SCAN to have a chance of working properly, the following items must be in 'good' condition (as described in the table). If any of these items are not in good condition, SCAN will not perform.

Item Description


The RPS list for each dedicated radar must contain the VIL, 1km Composite Reflectivity, and the 1km Base reflectivity radar product. (Having the Mesocyclone, TVS, and Storm Track products is also desirable, but not required.) To check the RPS lists to see if they contain these products, either use the RPS List Editor from the D2D, or use the SCAN Data Monitor, or go to the directory /data/fxa/radar/lists and check the current, storm, and clear-air RPS lists for the radar of concern. If any of these three products is not there, add it by adding the proper line to each RPS list for each dedicated radar. Also go to the /data/fxa/rps-lists directory and add these lines to any user-defined RPS list files. The lines to add should look like this (with spacing like the other products in the list):

Vert Integ Liq (VIL) VIL 57 16 0 - 0 0 0 1N

Composite Ref (CZ) CZ 37 16 100 - 0 0 0 1N

Reflectivity (Z) Z 19 16 100 - 0 0 0 1N

Each dedicated radar must have a couple of valid files produced by localization. These files are sites.dat and radarLoc.txt, which are found in the /data/fxa/radar/k@@@/tstorm directory. If they are of zero size, remove them and relocalize. If they are missing, just relocalize. To relocalize, issue the following command as fxa on just one HP workstation:

mainScript.csh -scan

County GELT
The WWA County GELT (GeoEntity Lookup Table) must exist. Go to the directory /awips/fxa/data/localizationDataSets/XXX and see if the file wwa_counties.gelt exists and is of non-zero size on all WS and AS machines. If they are of zero size, remove all wwa_counties.* files and relocalize for wwa on that machine. If they are not there, just relocalize for wwa on that machine. To relocalize for wwa, issue the following command as fxa on the specific machine:

mainScript.csh -wwa

k@@@ = four letter radar identifier.

XXX = three letter, capitalized WFO identifier.

You should stop and re-start the SCANprocessor if you had to change things for items 2, or 3.


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