The following talks were presented at various CAFTI meetings.
They are in support of the new AVN, MRF, and ETA MOS guidance.

CAFTI Meeting - February 12, 2002

New ETA MOS Guidance - Paul Dallavalle

CAFTI Meeting - November 7, 2001

New ETA MOS Guidance - Paul Dallavalle
ETA MOS PoP & QPF Guidance - Joseph Maloney

CAFTI Meeting - May 7, 2001

MRF MOS Parallel Test - Mary C. Erickson
AVN/MRF MOS Changes - MRF Thunderstorms/RFC Max/Min Temperatures - J. Paul Dallavalle

CAFTI Meeting - January 24, 2001

AVN MOS Update - Visibility/Obstruction to Vision, and Precipitation Characteristics Presentation - J. Paul Dallavalle
MRF MOS Update - Precipitation Type/Total Sky Cover Presentation - Mary C. Erickson

AVN Alphanumeric Message
AVN MOS Overview Presentation, Summary - J. Paul Dallavalle
AVN Temperature Development Summary
AVN Wind Development Summary
AVN Precipitation Type Guidance Presentation, Development Summary - Rebecca L. Allen
AVN Total Cloud and Ceiling Height Development Summary - Mitch Weiss
AVN Thunderstorm and Severe Thunderstorm Guidance Presentation - Kathryn K. Hughes
SPC Presentation - MOS Thunderstorm Guidance - Kathryn K. Hughes
New Warm Season AVN-Based MOS PoP Forecasts - Mark S. Antolik

MRF Alphanumeric Message
MRF MOS Overview Presentation, Summary - Mary C. Erickson
MRF PoP/QPF Guidance Presentation, Development Summary - Mark Shirey
MRF Temperature and Dewpoint Guidance Presentation, Development Summary - Kevin Carroll
MRF Precipitation Type Presentation - Rebecca Allen
MRF-Based MOS Cloud Guidance Presentation - Kevin Carroll

Note: Implementation dates given in these slides were tentative at the time of the briefing.
Please check the DRG Change Notices for the revised implementation dates.
  • AVN MOS Change Notice - Temperatures, Winds
  • MRF MOS Change Notice - Temperatures

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