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The MOS Technique: General Information

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Training Material

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General MOS Background

Model Output Statistics (MOS) relates observed weather elements to appropriate variables (predictors) via a statistical approach. These predictors are:
  • NWP Model Forecast
  • Prior Obersvations
  • Geoclimatic Data
  • Statistical Method: Multiple Linear Regression

What MOS Does

  • Objectively interprets NWP Model based on historical sample
  • Predicts events forced by synoptic-scale systems
  • Corrects for certain systematic NWP model biases
  • Mimics conceptual forecast models
  • Quantifies uncertainty in NWP model forecasts
  • Accounts for deterioration NWP model skill with increasing forecast projection
  • Accounts for some local effects
  • Incorporates climatic considerations

What MOS Does Not Do

  • Account for forecaster excitement factor
  • Predict events forced by mesoscale features
  • Correct for systematic NWP model errors related to map type or synoptic situation
  • Correct for certain deficiencies in NWP model physics, analysis schemes, or parameterizations
  • Account for changes to NWP model components
  • Account for EVERY local effect
  • Account for unusual climatic conditions

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