New Weather Elements added to 0600/1800 AVN MOS guidance

Effective with the 1800 UTC cycle on November 27, 2001, new weather element guidance will be added to the 0600/1800 UTC AVN MOS guidance packages. These packages, which were first implemented in October 2001, will contain guidance for maximum/minimum temperature, 2-m temperature and dew point, total sky cover, wind direction and speed, probability of precipitation (PoP), probability of thunderstorms, conditional probability of severe weather, conditional probability of precipitation types (freezing rain or snow), precipitation type, and ceiling height. The alphanumeric text messages are available on AWIPS under the MAV product identifier and on the Satellite Broadcast Network (SBN) and the Family of Services with the WMO headers FOPA20, FOUS21-26, and FOAK37-39. Note that these are the same product identifiers used for the 0000/1200 UTC AVN MOS packages. The 0600/1800 UTC guidance is available for the same sites and in the same format as the current 0000/1200 UTC packages. Technical Procedures Bulletin No. 481 describes the 0600/1800 UTC AVN MOS messages. Products containing all of the AVN MOS guidance in BUFR are also available. For the WMO headers of the BUFR products, please see:

Guidance for precipitation amount, visibility, and obstruction to vision will be added to the messages during the spring of 2002.

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