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Text and BUFR Product Changes due to replacement of Eta-based MOS guidance with NAM-based MOS guidance: December 9, 2008

On December 9, 2008, we will discontinue production of MOS guidance based on the Eta model and replace it with MOS guidance based on the North American Mesocale (NAM) model. Due to this replacement, the following changes will happen:

1) Redevelopment of MOS equations
2) Changes to stations for which guidance is produced
3) "Eta MOS" label now "NAM MOS" in text and BUFR products
4) Changes to thunderstorm and severe weather guidance

More details about the NAM MOS is available here

Station Changes

The full list of stations in the NAM MOS is available here

MET Text Products:

The new NAM MET text messages will contain 1687 stations. The changes occurring relative to the current Eta MET text messages are the following:

1) 180 stations are being added

2) The call letters for the following stations will be updated:
    Blakely, GA             from K11J to KBIJ
    Winner Wiley Field, SD  from KSFD to KICR
    Huslia, AK              from PAHS to PAHL
3) The following 17 stations are being removed:
K4BK     BROOKINGS               OR    N42.0500 W124.2833
K87Q     SAN SIMEON (AMOS)       CA    N35.6667 W121.2833
KCGX     MEIGS APRT              IL    N41.8667 W087.6167
KCQV     COLVILLE MUNICIPAL      WA    N48.5500 W117.8833
KIIY     WASHINGTON-WILKES AP    GA    N33.7800 W082.8200
KILL     WILLMAR (AWOS)          MN    N45.1167 W095.0833
KMCC     MCCLELLAN AFB           CA    N38.6667 W121.4000
KMLD     MALAD CITY              ID    N42.1667 W112.3167
KMQT     MARQUETTE               MI    N46.5333 W087.5500
KNEL     LAKEHURST NAS           NJ    N40.0333 W074.3536
KP38     CALIENTE      ASOS      NV    N37.6167 W114.5167
KP75     SEUL CHOIX (AMOS)       MI    N45.9167 W086.2300
KPLB     PLATTSBURGH-CLINTON     NY    N44.6822 W073.5278
KUCA     UTICA                   NY    N43.1436 W075.3844
KXVW     VANDENBERG RANGE        CA    N34.7200 W120.5700
KYUM     YUMA INTL AP            AZ    N32.6566 W114.6060
PAVW     VALDEZ                  AK    N61.1333 W146.3500

MME Marine Text Products:

The new NAM MME Marine text messages will contain 304 stations. The changes occurring relative to the current Eta MME text messages are the following:

1) 192 stations are being added

2) The following 10 stations are being removed:
42041    NORTH MID GULF                N27.5039 W090.4622
46030    BLUNTS REEF                   N40.4200 W124.5300
46062    PT SAN LUIS                   N35.1000 W121.0100
CSBF1    CAPE SAN BLAS           FL    N29.6700 W085.3600
DRYF1    DRY TORTUGAS            FL    N24.6383 W082.8617
DSLN7    DIAMOND SHOALS LS       NC    N35.1500 W075.3000
FPSN7    FRYING PAN SHOALS       NC    N33.4850 W077.5900
GDIL1    GRAND ISLE              LA    N29.2667 W089.9567
GLLN6    GALLOO ISLAND           NY    N43.8900 W076.4500
THIN6    THOUSAND ISLAND BRIDGE  NY    N44.3015 W075.9820

Label Change in Text and BUFR Products

In the MET and MME text products, the first line for each station will change from
 KDCA   ETA MOS GUIDANCE   10/23/2008  1200 UTC 
 KDCA   NAM MOS GUIDANCE   10/23/2008  1200 UTC 
Similarly, in the BUFR products the "Eta MOS" label will change to "NAM MOS". For more details on the format of the NAM MOS text products, please see the MDL Technical Procedures Bulletin MDLTPB08-01

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