This Technical Procedures Bulletin (TPB), written by Joseph M. Foose of the Techniques Development Laboratory (TDL), describes the development and implementation of the Nested Grid Model (NGM)-based Model Output Statistics (MOS) wind speed and direction guidance for 60 stations in Alaska. This guidance was implemented in December 1994 and is available in the FOAK13 and FOAK14 (AFOS product FWCAK) messages containing NGM-based MOS guidance for Alaska. Similarly, the FOAK10, FOAK11, and FOAK12 messages transmitted to the U.S. Air Force communications system contain the NGM-based MOS guidance for military sites in Alaska. The present TPB describes the wind guidance in more complete detail than was done originally in TPB No. 425 which explains how to read the FOAK13 and FOAK14 products.

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Last Modified: November 03, 1997