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Product Schedule

Since NOAAPORT is data driven, there is no set schedule for any product. The weather determines what data is available and what products are created from the data.

For example, the GOES satellite can scan any part of the earth in view (the disk). The GINI product creation system automatically processes the data from each scan in real-time to create various products. The data available drives this processing. For example, if a scan covers only the area around Hawaii, the GINI creates Hawaii area products but not products for Puerto Rico or St. Louis.

In routine mode, GOES follows a standard scan pattern. This creates certain products at approximate intervals, thus appearing "scheduled". However, when weather conditions warrant (such as hurricanes), NOAA changes the scan pattern and rate as needed to observe the event(s). This changes the data the GINI product creation system gets, which changes the products produced, thus "disrupting" the "schedule". is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services

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