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Colorado Propagation Coverage Map

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Coverage Map Notes
The coverage statistics and maps are calculated using a computer model and station data assuming ideal conditions. Coverage may be 5 to 10 percent below the computer predicted coverage for the following reasons:
  • The computer model is sensitive to antenna performance. Antenna performance is a function of local conditions, causing signals to be stronger signal level in some directions than others.
  • Placement of NWR antennas is dictated by the tower owner, which may result in a less than ideal set up.
  • The antenna may be affected by nearby structures or bodies of water.
  • In some special instances, the antenna may have been intentionally adjusted to be "directional" and provide better coverage to a specific area to the detriment of other areas.
  • Because of variations in local site conditions, the performance of an individual transmitter and antenna may be less than predicted or expected.
  • Seasonal environmental conditions, such as icing or heavy rain, affect performance of a transmitter station and its various components, particularly those subject to continuous weather exposure.
  • The coverage maps are shown in a single color format, which relates to an estimated signal level.
    • White: Signal level of greater than 18dBuV: Reliable coverage

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Weather Forecast Office (WFO)

Station Listing

Site Name Transmitter Name Call Sign Frequency Power WFO
Denver Glendale KEC76 162.550 300Boulder, CO
Canon City Canon City KJY81 162.500 300Pueblo, CO
Anton Anton KJY84 162.425 300Boulder, CO
Fort Morgan Fort Morgan KWN40 162.525 300Boulder, CO
Durango Durango KWN54 162.425 300Grand Junction, CO
Steamboat Springs Walton Peak KWN56 162.525 300Grand Junction, CO
Lamar Prowers County KWN60 162.525 1000Pueblo, CO
Montrose Buckhorn Lakes KXI90 162.450 300Grand Junction, CO
Franktown Franktown WNG550 162.450 300Boulder, CO
Walsenburg Walsenburg WNG579 162.450 300Pueblo, CO
Springfield Baca County WNG664 162.400 1000Pueblo, CO
Dillon Dillon WNG737 162.400 300Boulder, CO
Bethune Bethune WWF77 162.525 100Goodland, KS
La Junta Miller Mesa WWG23 162.500 100Pueblo, CO
Glenwood Springs Sunlight Peak WWG43 162.500 100Grand Junction, CO
Fowler Olney Spring WWG44 162.425 100Pueblo, CO
Boyero Boyero WWH32 162.450 100Boulder, CO
Deer Trail Deer Trail WXJ45 162.500 100Boulder, CO
Greeley Point of Rocks WXM50 162.400 300Boulder, CO
Mead/Longmont Highland WXM51 162.475 300Boulder, CO
Pueblo Pueblo WXM52 162.400 300Pueblo, CO
Sterling Sterling WXM53 162.400 300Boulder, CO
Alamosa Agua Ramon Mountain WXM54 162.475 300Pueblo, CO
Grand Junction Rapid Creek WXM55 162.550 300Grand Junction, CO
Colorado Springs Cheyenne Mountain WXM56 162.475 100Pueblo, CO
Wray Wray WXM87 162.475 300Goodland, KS
Fort Collins/Ault Black Hollow WXM92 162.450 300Boulder, CO
Eagle Eagle WZ2518 162.450 300Grand Junction, CO
North Cottonwood Grand County WZ2544 162.500 300Boulder, CO
Number of Stations in Colorado = 29

County Coverage Listing

County/City/Area SAME Transmitter Site State Call Sign Frequency Power WFO
Rio Blanco 008103 ---No NWR Coverage---0
Chaffee 008015 ---No NWR Coverage---0
San Juan 008111 ---No NWR Coverage---0
Hinsdale 008053 ---No NWR Coverage---0
Lake 008065 ---No NWR Coverage---0
La Plata 008067 FarmingtonNMWXJ37162.475300Albuquerque, NM
Elbert 008039 BoyeroCOWWH32162.450100Boulder, CO
Elbert 008039 DenverCOKEC76162.550300Boulder, CO
Phillips 008095 SterlingCOWXM53162.400300Boulder, CO
Larimer 008069 Mead/LongmontCOWXM51162.475300Boulder, CO
Logan 008075 SterlingCOWXM53162.400300Boulder, CO
Douglas 008035 FranktownCOWNG550162.450300Boulder, CO
Denver 008031 Mead/LongmontCOWXM51162.475300Boulder, CO
Denver 008031 FranktownCOWNG550162.450300Boulder, CO
Lincoln 008073 BoyeroCOWWH32162.450100Boulder, CO
Douglas 008035 Deer TrailCOWXJ45162.500100Boulder, CO
Douglas 008035 DenverCOKEC76162.550300Boulder, CO
Park 008093 FranktownCOWNG550162.450300Boulder, CO
Gilpin 008047 Deer TrailCOWXJ45162.500100Boulder, CO
Jefferson 008059 Deer TrailCOWXJ45162.500100Boulder, CO
Adams 008001 Deer TrailCOWXJ45162.500100Boulder, CO
Jefferson 008059 DenverCOKEC76162.550300Boulder, CO
Jefferson 008059 FranktownCOWNG550162.450300Boulder, CO
Larimer 008069 Deer TrailCOWXJ45162.500100Boulder, CO
Larimer 008069 DenverCOKEC76162.550300Boulder, CO
Larimer 008069 Fort Collins/AultCOWXM92162.450300Boulder, CO
Morgan 008087 Fort MorganCOKWN40162.525300Boulder, CO
Gilpin 008047 DenverCOKEC76162.550300Boulder, CO
Denver 008031 DenverCOKEC76162.550300Boulder, CO
Gilpin 008047 FranktownCOWNG550162.450300Boulder, CO
Grand 008049 North CottonwoodCOWZ2544162.500300Boulder, CO
Larimer 008069 GreeleyCOWXM50162.400300Boulder, CO
Park 008093 Deer TrailCOWXJ45162.500100Boulder, CO
Park 008093 DenverCOKEC76162.550300Boulder, CO
Sedgwick 008115 SterlingCOWXM53162.400300Boulder, CO
Weld 008123 GreeleyCOWXM50162.400300Boulder, CO
Weld 008123 Mead/LongmontCOWXM51162.475300Boulder, CO
Weld 008123 FranktownCOWNG550162.450300Boulder, CO
Weld 008123 Fort Collins/AultCOWXM92162.450300Boulder, CO
Denver 008031 Deer TrailCOWXJ45162.500100Boulder, CO
Boulder 008013 Deer TrailCOWXJ45162.500100Boulder, CO
Weld 008123 SterlingCOWXM53162.400300Boulder, CO
Arapahoe 008005 Mead/LongmontCOWXM51162.475300Boulder, CO
Adams 008001 FranktownCOWNG550162.450300Boulder, CO
Adams 008001 DenverCOKEC76162.550300Boulder, CO
Adams 008001 Mead/LongmontCOWXM51162.475300Boulder, CO
Arapahoe 008005 Deer TrailCOWXJ45162.500100Boulder, CO
Arapahoe 008005 FranktownCOWNG550162.450300Boulder, CO
Arapahoe 008005 DenverCOKEC76162.550300Boulder, CO
Boulder 008013 Mead/LongmontCOWXM51162.475300Boulder, CO
Boulder 008013 FranktownCOWNG550162.450300Boulder, CO
Weld 008123 Deer TrailCOWXJ45162.500100Boulder, CO
Weld 008123 DenverCOKEC76162.550300Boulder, CO
Washington 008121 Fort MorganCOKWN40162.525300Boulder, CO
Washington 008121 AntonCOKJY84162.425300Boulder, CO
Summit 008117 DillonCOWNG737162.400300Boulder, CO
Logan 008075 Fort MorganCOKWN40162.525300Boulder, CO
Broomfield 008014 Deer TrailCOWXJ45162.500100Boulder, CO
Clear Creek 008019 FranktownCOWNG550162.450300Boulder, CO
Broomfield 008014 Mead/LongmontCOWXM51162.475300Boulder, CO
Broomfield 008014 DenverCOKEC76162.550300Boulder, CO
Clear Creek 008019 Deer TrailCOWXJ45162.500100Boulder, CO
Broomfield 008014 FranktownCOWNG550162.450300Boulder, CO
Clear Creek 008019 DenverCOKEC76162.550300Boulder, CO
Kit Carson 008063 BethuneCOWWF77162.525100Goodland, KS
Yuma 008125 WrayCOWXM87162.475300Goodland, KS
Cheyenne 008017 BethuneCOWWF77162.525100Goodland, KS
Yuma 008125 BethuneCOWWF77162.525100Goodland, KS
San Miguel 008113 MonticelloUTWNG687162.450300Grand Junction, CO
Pitkin 008097 Glenwood SpringsCOWWG43162.500100Grand Junction, CO
Routt 008107 Steamboat SpringsCOKWN56162.525300Grand Junction, CO
Summit 008117 Steamboat SpringsCOKWN56162.525300Grand Junction, CO
Ouray 008091 MontroseCOKXI90162.450300Grand Junction, CO
Montrose 008085 MontroseCOKXI90162.450300Grand Junction, CO
Moffat 008081 Steamboat SpringsCOKWN56162.525300Grand Junction, CO
Montezuma 008083 MonticelloUTWNG687162.450300Grand Junction, CO
Mesa 008077 Grand JunctionCOWXM55162.550300Grand Junction, CO
Jackson 008057 Steamboat SpringsCOKWN56162.525300Grand Junction, CO
Garfield 008045 Grand JunctionCOWXM55162.550300Grand Junction, CO
Grand 008049 Steamboat SpringsCOKWN56162.525300Grand Junction, CO
Garfield 008045 Glenwood SpringsCOWWG43162.500100Grand Junction, CO
Delta 008029 MontroseCOKXI90162.450300Grand Junction, CO
Eagle 008037 EagleCOWZ2518162.450300Grand Junction, CO
Dolores 008033 MonticelloUTWNG687162.450300Grand Junction, CO
Eagle 008037 Glenwood SpringsCOWWG43162.500100Grand Junction, CO
Gunnison 008051 MontroseCOKXI90162.450300Grand Junction, CO
La Plata 008067 DurangoCOKWN54162.425300Grand Junction, CO
Archuleta 008007 DurangoCOKWN54162.425300Grand Junction, CO
Custer 008027 PuebloCOWXM52162.400300Pueblo, CO
Teller 008119 Colorado SpringsCOWXM56162.475100Pueblo, CO
Custer 008027 WalsenburgCOWNG579162.450300Pueblo, CO
Saguache 008109 AlamosaCOWXM54162.475300Pueblo, CO
Crowley 008025 La JuntaCOWWG23162.500100Pueblo, CO
Alamosa 008003 AlamosaCOWXM54162.475300Pueblo, CO
Crowley 008025 FowlerCOWWG44162.425100Pueblo, CO
Costilla 008023 AlamosaCOWXM54162.475300Pueblo, CO
Conejos 008021 AlamosaCOWXM54162.475300Pueblo, CO
Bent 008011 LamarCOKWN60162.5251000Pueblo, CO
Bent 008011 La JuntaCOWWG23162.500100Pueblo, CO
Baca 008009 LamarCOKWN60162.5251000Pueblo, CO
Baca 008009 SpringfieldCOWNG664162.4001000Pueblo, CO
Bent 008011 SpringfieldCOWNG664162.4001000Pueblo, CO
Pueblo 008101 WalsenburgCOWNG579162.450300Pueblo, CO
Huerfano 008055 WalsenburgCOWNG579162.450300Pueblo, CO
Huerfano 008055 PuebloCOWXM52162.400300Pueblo, CO
Otero 008089 FowlerCOWWG44162.425100Pueblo, CO
Kiowa 008061 La JuntaCOWWG23162.500100Pueblo, CO
Kiowa 008061 LamarCOKWN60162.5251000Pueblo, CO
Las Animas 008071 SpringfieldCOWNG664162.4001000Pueblo, CO
Las Animas 008071 La JuntaCOWWG23162.500100Pueblo, CO
Mineral 008079 AlamosaCOWXM54162.475300Pueblo, CO
Otero 008089 La JuntaCOWWG23162.500100Pueblo, CO
Fremont 008043 PuebloCOWXM52162.400300Pueblo, CO
Pueblo 008101 PuebloCOWXM52162.400300Pueblo, CO
Las Animas 008071 WalsenburgCOWNG579162.450300Pueblo, CO
El Paso 008041 Colorado SpringsCOWXM56162.475100Pueblo, CO
Pueblo 008101 FowlerCOWWG44162.425100Pueblo, CO
Prowers 008099 SpringfieldCOWNG664162.4001000Pueblo, CO
Fremont 008043 Canon CityCOKJY81162.500300Pueblo, CO
Prowers 008099 LamarCOKWN60162.5251000Pueblo, CO
Rio Grande 008105 AlamosaCOWXM54162.475300Pueblo, CO