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Michigan Propagation Coverage Map

Michigan Propagation Coverage Map

Coverage Map Notes
The coverage statistics and maps are calculated using a computer model and station data assuming ideal conditions. Coverage may be 5 to 10 percent below the computer predicted coverage for the following reasons:
  • The computer model is sensitive to antenna performance. Antenna performance is a function of local conditions, causing signals to be stronger signal level in some directions than others.
  • Placement of NWR antennas is dictated by the tower owner, which may result in a less than ideal set up.
  • The antenna may be affected by nearby structures or bodies of water.
  • In some special instances, the antenna may have been intentionally adjusted to be "directional" and provide better coverage to a specific area to the detriment of other areas.
  • Because of variations in local site conditions, the performance of an individual transmitter and antenna may be less than predicted or expected.
  • Seasonal environmental conditions, such as icing or heavy rain, affect performance of a transmitter station and its various components, particularly those subject to continuous weather exposure.
  • The coverage maps are shown in a single color format, which relates to an estimated signal level.
    • White: Signal level of greater than 18dBuV: Reliable coverage

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Weather Forecast Office (WFO)

Station Listing

Site Name Transmitter Name Call Sign Frequency Power WFO
Detroit Southfield KEC63 162.550 1000Detroit/Pontiac, MI
Marquette Negaunee KIG66 162.550 1000Marquette, MI
Sault Ste Marie Dafter KIG74 162.550 1000Gaylord, MI
Alpena Herron KIG83 162.550 800Gaylord, MI
Traverse City Traverse City KIH22 162.400 330Gaylord, MI
Flint Clio KIH29 162.475 1000Detroit/Pontiac, MI
Crystal Falls Crystal Falls KJY76 162.475 1000Marquette, MI
West Branch West Branch KXI33 162.450 1000Gaylord, MI
Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant KZZ33 162.525 1000Grand Rapids, MI
Escanaba Escanaba KZZ35 162.500 1000Marquette, MI
Petoskey Goodhart WNG572 162.475 300Gaylord, MI
Newberry Newberry WNG576 162.450 300Marquette, MI
Sandusky Sanilac County WNG582 162.450 300Detroit/Pontiac, MI
Adrian / Petersburg Lenawee County WNG647 162.450 300Detroit/Pontiac, MI
Wolf Lake Baldwin WNG672 162.425 1000Grand Rapids, MI
Marenisco Gogebic County WNG683 162.550 300Marquette, MI
Manistique Steuben WNG684 162.525 300Marquette, MI
Bad Axe Bad Axe (Port Austin) WNG701 162.525 300Detroit/Pontiac, MI
Plainwell Plainwell WWF34 162.475 300Grand Rapids, MI
Hesperia Hesperia WWF36 162.475 800Grand Rapids, MI
Gaylord Waters WWF70 162.500 300Gaylord, MI
Houghton Painesdale WXK73 162.400 1000Marquette, MI
Onondaga Rossman Rd. WXK81 162.400 1000Grand Rapids, MI
West Olive West Olive WXN99 162.425 300Grand Rapids, MI
Copper Harbor Copper Harbor WZ2513 162.500 300Marquette, MI
Munising Alger County WZ2514 162.475 100Marquette, MI
Grand Marais Grand Marais WZ2515 162.425 100Marquette, MI
Cannonsburg Cannonsburg WZ2560 162.550 1000Grand Rapids, MI
Number of Stations in Michigan = 28

County Coverage Listing

County/City/Area SAME Transmitter Site State Call Sign Frequency Power WFO
Monroe 026115 ToledoOHWXL51162.500300Cleveland, OH
Lenawee 026091 ToledoOHWXL51162.500300Cleveland, OH
Lenawee 026091 DetroitMIKEC63162.5501000Detroit/Pontiac, MI
Huron 026063 SanduskyMIWNG582162.450300Detroit/Pontiac, MI
Midland 026111 FlintMIKIH29162.4751000Detroit/Pontiac, MI
Jackson 026075 Adrian / PetersburgMIWNG647162.450300Detroit/Pontiac, MI
St. Clair 026147 DetroitMIKEC63162.5501000Detroit/Pontiac, MI
Monroe 026115 Adrian / PetersburgMIWNG647162.450300Detroit/Pontiac, MI
Livingston 026093 DetroitMIKEC63162.5501000Detroit/Pontiac, MI
Sanilac 026151 SanduskyMIWNG582162.450300Detroit/Pontiac, MI
Oakland 026125 DetroitMIKEC63162.5501000Detroit/Pontiac, MI
Huron 026063 Bad AxeMIWNG701162.525300Detroit/Pontiac, MI
Huron 026063 FlintMIKIH29162.4751000Detroit/Pontiac, MI
Hillsdale 026059 Adrian / PetersburgMIWNG647162.450300Detroit/Pontiac, MI
Macomb 026099 DetroitMIKEC63162.5501000Detroit/Pontiac, MI
Sanilac 026151 FlintMIKIH29162.4751000Detroit/Pontiac, MI
Saginaw 026145 FlintMIKIH29162.4751000Detroit/Pontiac, MI
Genesee 026049 FlintMIKIH29162.4751000Detroit/Pontiac, MI
Monroe 026115 DetroitMIKEC63162.5501000Detroit/Pontiac, MI
Shiawassee 026155 FlintMIKIH29162.4751000Detroit/Pontiac, MI
Washtenaw 026161 Adrian / PetersburgMIWNG647162.450300Detroit/Pontiac, MI
Wayne 026163 DetroitMIKEC63162.5501000Detroit/Pontiac, MI
Lapeer 026087 FlintMIKIH29162.4751000Detroit/Pontiac, MI
St. Clair 026147 SanduskyMIWNG582162.450300Detroit/Pontiac, MI
Lapeer 026087 SanduskyMIWNG582162.450300Detroit/Pontiac, MI
Tuscola 026157 FlintMIKIH29162.4751000Detroit/Pontiac, MI
Washtenaw 026161 DetroitMIKEC63162.5501000Detroit/Pontiac, MI
Bay 026017 FlintMIKIH29162.4751000Detroit/Pontiac, MI
Lenawee 026091 Adrian / PetersburgMIWNG647162.450300Detroit/Pontiac, MI
Gogebic 026053 AshlandWIKZZ78162.5251000Duluth, MN
Gladwin 026051 West BranchMIKXI33162.4501000Gaylord, MI
Wexford 026165 Traverse CityMIKIH22162.400330Gaylord, MI
Alcona 026001 AlpenaMIKIG83162.550800Gaylord, MI
Emmet 026047 PetoskeyMIWNG572162.475300Gaylord, MI
Presque Isle 026141 AlpenaMIKIG83162.550800Gaylord, MI
Mackinac 026097 Sault Ste MarieMIKIG74162.5501000Gaylord, MI
Roscommon 026143 West BranchMIKXI33162.4501000Gaylord, MI
Grand Traverse 026055 Traverse CityMIKIH22162.400330Gaylord, MI
Manistee 026101 Traverse CityMIKIH22162.400330Gaylord, MI
Otsego 026137 GaylordMIWWF70162.500300Gaylord, MI
Alpena 026007 AlpenaMIKIG83162.550800Gaylord, MI
Arenac 026011 West BranchMIKXI33162.4501000Gaylord, MI
Oscoda 026135 AlpenaMIKIG83162.550800Gaylord, MI
Montmorency 026119 AlpenaMIKIG83162.550800Gaylord, MI
Leelanau 026089 Traverse CityMIKIH22162.400330Gaylord, MI
Benzie 026019 Traverse CityMIKIH22162.400330Gaylord, MI
Missaukee 026113 Traverse CityMIKIH22162.400330Gaylord, MI
Charlevoix 026029 Traverse CityMIKIH22162.400330Gaylord, MI
Cheboygan 026031 PetoskeyMIWNG572162.475300Gaylord, MI
Crawford 026039 GaylordMIWWF70162.500300Gaylord, MI
Kalkaska 026079 Traverse CityMIKIH22162.400330Gaylord, MI
Ogemaw 026129 West BranchMIKXI33162.4501000Gaylord, MI
Antrim 026009 Traverse CityMIKIH22162.400330Gaylord, MI
Iosco 026069 West BranchMIKXI33162.4501000Gaylord, MI
Chippewa 026033 Sault Ste MarieMIKIG74162.5501000Gaylord, MI
Livingston 026093 OnondagaMIWXK81162.4001000Grand Rapids, MI
Mason 026105 Wolf LakeMIWNG672162.4251000Grand Rapids, MI
Muskegon 026121 HesperiaMIWWF36162.475800Grand Rapids, MI
Montcalm 026117 Mount PleasantMIKZZ33162.5251000Grand Rapids, MI
Muskegon 026121 West OliveMIWXN99162.425300Grand Rapids, MI
Newaygo 026123 HesperiaMIWWF36162.475800Grand Rapids, MI
Newaygo 026123 Wolf LakeMIWNG672162.4251000Grand Rapids, MI
Montcalm 026117 CannonsburgMIWZ2560162.5501000Grand Rapids, MI
Midland 026111 Mount PleasantMIKZZ33162.5251000Grand Rapids, MI
Mecosta 026107 Mount PleasantMIKZZ33162.5251000Grand Rapids, MI
Lake 026085 Wolf LakeMIWNG672162.4251000Grand Rapids, MI
Mecosta 026107 Wolf LakeMIWNG672162.4251000Grand Rapids, MI
Oceana 026127 Wolf LakeMIWNG672162.4251000Grand Rapids, MI
Oceana 026127 HesperiaMIWWF36162.475800Grand Rapids, MI
Manistee 026101 Wolf LakeMIWNG672162.4251000Grand Rapids, MI
Hillsdale 026059 OnondagaMIWXK81162.4001000Grand Rapids, MI
Calhoun 026025 OnondagaMIWXK81162.4001000Grand Rapids, MI
Branch 026023 PlainwellMIWWF34162.475300Grand Rapids, MI
Calhoun 026025 PlainwellMIWWF34162.475300Grand Rapids, MI
Cass 026027 PlainwellMIWWF34162.475300Grand Rapids, MI
Allegan 026005 PlainwellMIWWF34162.475300Grand Rapids, MI
Osceola 026133 Mount PleasantMIKZZ33162.5251000Grand Rapids, MI
Branch 026023 OnondagaMIWXK81162.4001000Grand Rapids, MI
Shiawassee 026155 OnondagaMIWXK81162.4001000Grand Rapids, MI
Barry 026015 CannonsburgMIWZ2560162.5501000Grand Rapids, MI
Van Buren 026159 PlainwellMIWWF34162.475300Grand Rapids, MI
Barry 026015 PlainwellMIWWF34162.475300Grand Rapids, MI
St. Joseph 026149 PlainwellMIWWF34162.475300Grand Rapids, MI
Berrien 026021 PlainwellMIWWF34162.475300Grand Rapids, MI
Allegan 026005 West OliveMIWXN99162.425300Grand Rapids, MI
Clare 026035 Mount PleasantMIKZZ33162.5251000Grand Rapids, MI
Osceola 026133 Wolf LakeMIWNG672162.4251000Grand Rapids, MI
Ionia 026067 CannonsburgMIWZ2560162.5501000Grand Rapids, MI
Ingham 026065 OnondagaMIWXK81162.4001000Grand Rapids, MI
Isabella 026073 Mount PleasantMIKZZ33162.5251000Grand Rapids, MI
Jackson 026075 OnondagaMIWXK81162.4001000Grand Rapids, MI
Kent 026081 CannonsburgMIWZ2560162.5501000Grand Rapids, MI
Kalamazoo 026077 PlainwellMIWWF34162.475300Grand Rapids, MI
Wexford 026165 Wolf LakeMIWNG672162.4251000Grand Rapids, MI
Allegan 026005 CannonsburgMIWZ2560162.5501000Grand Rapids, MI
Ottawa 026139 West OliveMIWXN99162.425300Grand Rapids, MI
Eaton 026045 OnondagaMIWXK81162.4001000Grand Rapids, MI
Gratiot 026057 Mount PleasantMIKZZ33162.5251000Grand Rapids, MI
Ottawa 026139 CannonsburgMIWZ2560162.5501000Grand Rapids, MI
Clinton 026037 OnondagaMIWXK81162.4001000Grand Rapids, MI
Menominee 026109 WausaukeeWIWNG553162.4001000Green Bay, WI
Menominee 026109 Sister BayWIWXN69162.4251000Green Bay, WI
Schoolcraft 026153 MarquetteMIKIG66162.5501000Marquette, MI
Ontonagon 026131 MareniscoMIWNG683162.550300Marquette, MI
Ontonagon 026131 HoughtonMIWXK73162.4001000Marquette, MI
Schoolcraft 026153 ManistiqueMIWNG684162.525300Marquette, MI
Keweenaw 026083 HoughtonMIWXK73162.4001000Marquette, MI
Menominee 026109 MarquetteMIKIG66162.5501000Marquette, MI
Baraga 026013 MarquetteMIKIG66162.5501000Marquette, MI
Delta 026041 EscanabaMIKZZ35162.5001000Marquette, MI
Delta 026041 MarquetteMIKIG66162.5501000Marquette, MI
Dickinson 026043 EscanabaMIKZZ35162.5001000Marquette, MI
Baraga 026013 HoughtonMIWXK73162.4001000Marquette, MI
Alger 026003 NewberryMIWNG576162.450300Marquette, MI
Alger 026003 Grand MaraisMIWZ2515162.425100Marquette, MI
Alger 026003 ManistiqueMIWNG684162.525300Marquette, MI
Alger 026003 MarquetteMIKIG66162.5501000Marquette, MI
Alger 026003 MunisingMIWZ2514162.475100Marquette, MI
Dickinson 026043 MarquetteMIKIG66162.5501000Marquette, MI
Chippewa 026033 NewberryMIWNG576162.450300Marquette, MI
Keweenaw 026083 Copper HarborMIWZ2513162.500300Marquette, MI
Iron 026071 MarquetteMIKIG66162.5501000Marquette, MI
Gogebic 026053 HoughtonMIWXK73162.4001000Marquette, MI
Iron 026071 Crystal FallsMIKJY76162.4751000Marquette, MI
Luce 026095 NewberryMIWNG576162.450300Marquette, MI
Mackinac 026097 NewberryMIWNG576162.450300Marquette, MI
Gogebic 026053 MareniscoMIWNG683162.550300Marquette, MI
Menominee 026109 EscanabaMIKZZ35162.5001000Marquette, MI
Houghton 026061 HoughtonMIWXK73162.4001000Marquette, MI
Marquette 026103 MarquetteMIKIG66162.5501000Marquette, MI
St. Joseph 026149 South BendINWXJ57162.4001000Northern Indiana, IN
St. Joseph 026149 AngolaINKXI94162.4251000Northern Indiana, IN
Cass 026027 North WebsterINKZZ36162.500300Northern Indiana, IN
Cass 026027 South BendINWXJ57162.4001000Northern Indiana, IN
Hillsdale 026059 AngolaINKXI94162.4251000Northern Indiana, IN
Branch 026023 AngolaINKXI94162.4251000Northern Indiana, IN
Berrien 026021 South BendINWXJ57162.4001000Northern Indiana, IN
St. Joseph 026149 North WebsterINKZZ36162.500300Northern Indiana, IN
Berrien 026021 North WebsterINKZZ36162.500300Northern Indiana, IN
Berrien 026021 Michigan CityINKJY62162.5001000Northern Indiana, IN