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Montana Propagation Coverage Map

Coverage Map Notes
The coverage statistics and maps are calculated using a computer model and station data assuming ideal conditions. Coverage may be 5 to 10 percent below the computer predicted coverage for the following reasons:
  • The computer model is sensitive to antenna performance. Antenna performance is a function of local conditions, causing signals to be stronger signal level in some directions than others.
  • Placement of NWR antennas is dictated by the tower owner, which may result in a less than ideal set up.
  • The antenna may be affected by nearby structures or bodies of water.
  • In some special instances, the antenna may have been intentionally adjusted to be "directional" and provide better coverage to a specific area to the detriment of other areas.
  • Because of variations in local site conditions, the performance of an individual transmitter and antenna may be less than predicted or expected.
  • Seasonal environmental conditions, such as icing or heavy rain, affect performance of a transmitter station and its various components, particularly those subject to continuous weather exposure.
  • The coverage maps are shown in a single color format, which relates to an estimated signal level.
    • White: Signal level of greater than 18dBuV: Reliable coverage

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Weather Forecast Office (WFO)

Station Listing

Site Name Transmitter Name Call Sign Frequency Power WFO
Minneapolis/St. Paul Minneapolis KEC65 162.550 1000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Duluth Arnold Site KIG64 162.550 1000Duluth, MN
Red Wing Red Wing KJY80 162.450 300Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Jeffers Windom KXI31 162.450 1000Sioux Falls, SD
Appleton Appleton KXI32 162.550 1000Aberdeen, SD
New Ulm New Ulm KXI39 162.525 1000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Grand Marais Bogus Lake KXI43 162.450 300Duluth, MN
Ely Ely KXI44 162.500 300Duluth, MN
Gun Flint Lake Gun Flint Lake KXI45 162.525 300Duluth, MN
Russell Russell KXI50 162.500 1000Sioux Falls, SD
Coleraine Grand Rapids KZZ29 162.400 1000Duluth, MN
Elephant Lake Orr KZZ44 162.450 300Duluth, MN
Virginia Virginia KZZ45 162.475 300Duluth, MN
Aitkin Aitkin KZZ84 162.450 1000Duluth, MN
Lake Bronson Lake Bronson WNG583 162.525 300Grand Forks, ND
Waubun Waubun WNG610 162.450 300Grand Forks, ND
Finland Lake County WNG630 162.425 300Duluth, MN
Long Prairie Long Prairie WNG673 162.525 1000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Clearwater Enfield WNG676 162.500 1000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Pine City Pine County WNG678 162.425 1000Duluth, MN
Fergus Falls Fergus Falls WNG680 162.500 1000Grand Forks, ND
Norwood Carver County WNG685 162.425 300Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Fulda Murry County WNG702 162.425 300Sioux Falls, SD
Kensington Hoffman WNG707 162.400 1000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Olivia Renville County WNG711 162.400 300Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Roosevelt Roosevelt WWF45 162.450 300Grand Forks, ND
Park Rapids Park Rapids WWG98 162.475 1000Grand Forks, ND
Leader Omen Lake WXJ64 162.550 1000Duluth, MN
LaCrescent LaCrescent WXJ86 162.550 1000La Crosse, WI
Mankato Janesville WXK40 162.400 1000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Rochester Viola WXK41 162.475 1000La Crosse, WI
Thief River Falls Thief River Falls WXK43 162.550 1000Grand Forks, ND
Willmar New London WXK44 162.475 1000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
International Falls Little Fork WXK45 162.550 1000Duluth, MN
St. Cloud St. Cloud WXL65 162.400 330Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Detroit Lakes Detroit Lakes WXM64 162.400 100Grand Forks, ND
Bemidji Bemidji WXM99 162.425 1000Grand Forks, ND
Number of Stations in Minnesota = 37

County Coverage Listing

County/City/Area SAME Transmitter Site State Call Sign Frequency Power WFO
Anoka 027003 Pine CityMNWNG678162.4251000Duluth, MN
Anoka 027003 Minneapolis/St. PaulMNKEC65162.5501000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Anoka 027003 ClearwaterMNWNG676162.5001000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Becker 027005 Park RapidsMNWWG98162.4751000Grand Forks, ND
Becker 027005 WaubunMNWNG610162.450300Grand Forks, ND
Becker 027005 Detroit LakesMNWXM64162.400100Grand Forks, ND
Becker 027005 Fergus FallsMNWNG680162.5001000Grand Forks, ND
Beltrami 027007 Thief River FallsMNWXK43162.5501000Grand Forks, ND
Beltrami 027007 RooseveltMNWWF45162.450300Grand Forks, ND
Beltrami 027007 BemidjiMNWXM99162.4251000Grand Forks, ND
Benton 027009 St. CloudMNWXL65162.400330Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Benton 027009 WillmarMNWXK44162.4751000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Benton 027009 ClearwaterMNWNG676162.5001000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Big Stone 027011 AppletonMNKXI32162.5501000Aberdeen, SD
Big Stone 027011 KensingtonMNWNG707162.4001000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Big Stone 027011 South ShoreSDWXM41162.4251000Aberdeen, SD
Blue Earth 027013 MankatoMNWXK40162.4001000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Blue Earth 027013 New UlmMNKXI39162.5251000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Brown 027015 MankatoMNWXK40162.4001000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Brown 027015 New UlmMNKXI39162.5251000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Brown 027015 OliviaMNWNG711162.400300Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Brown 027015 JeffersMNKXI31162.4501000Sioux Falls, SD
Carlton 027017 DuluthMNKIG64162.5501000Duluth, MN
Carlton 027017 AitkinMNKZZ84162.4501000Duluth, MN
Carver 027019 Minneapolis/St. PaulMNKEC65162.5501000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Carver 027019 ClearwaterMNWNG676162.5001000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Carver 027019 NorwoodMNWNG685162.425300Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Chippewa 027023 AppletonMNKXI32162.5501000Aberdeen, SD
Chippewa 027023 WillmarMNWXK44162.4751000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Chippewa 027023 OliviaMNWNG711162.400300Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Chisago 027025 Pine CityMNWNG678162.4251000Duluth, MN
Chisago 027025 Minneapolis/St. PaulMNKEC65162.5501000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Clay 027027 Detroit LakesMNWXM64162.400100Grand Forks, ND
Clay 027027 Fergus FallsMNWNG680162.5001000Grand Forks, ND
Clay 027027 FargoNDWXK42162.4751000Grand Forks, ND
Clearwater 027029 Thief River FallsMNWXK43162.5501000Grand Forks, ND
Clearwater 027029 BemidjiMNWXM99162.4251000Grand Forks, ND
Cook 027031 Gun Flint LakeMNKXI45162.525300Duluth, MN
Cook 027031 Grand MaraisMNKXI43162.450300Duluth, MN
Cottonwood 027033 New UlmMNKXI39162.5251000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Cottonwood 027033 JeffersMNKXI31162.4501000Sioux Falls, SD
Crow Wing 027035 Long PrairieMNWNG673162.5251000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Crow Wing 027035 LeaderMNWXJ64162.5501000Duluth, MN
Crow Wing 027035 AitkinMNKZZ84162.4501000Duluth, MN
Dakota 027037 Minneapolis/St. PaulMNKEC65162.5501000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Dodge 027039 MankatoMNWXK40162.4001000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Dodge 027039 RochesterMNWXK41162.4751000La Crosse, WI
Douglas 027041 Long PrairieMNWNG673162.5251000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Douglas 027041 KensingtonMNWNG707162.4001000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Faribault 027043 Forest CityIAKJY63162.500300Des Moines, IA
Faribault 027043 New UlmMNKXI39162.5251000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Faribault 027043 MankatoMNWXK40162.4001000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Faribault 027043 RingstedIAWNG688162.475300Des Moines, IA
Fillmore 027045 DecorahIAKXI60162.525300La Crosse, WI
Fillmore 027045 RochesterMNWXK41162.4751000La Crosse, WI
Freeborn 027047 Forest CityIAKJY63162.500300Des Moines, IA
Freeborn 027047 MankatoMNWXK40162.4001000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Freeborn 027047 St. AnsgarIAKXI68162.4501000La Crosse, WI
Goodhue 027049 Red WingMNKJY80162.450300Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Goodhue 027049 RochesterMNWXK41162.4751000La Crosse, WI
Grant 027051 KensingtonMNWNG707162.4001000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Grant 027051 Fergus FallsMNWNG680162.5001000Grand Forks, ND
Hennepin 027053 NorwoodMNWNG685162.425300Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Hennepin 027053 Minneapolis/St. PaulMNKEC65162.5501000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Hennepin 027053 ClearwaterMNWNG676162.5001000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Houston 027055 DecorahIAKXI60162.525300La Crosse, WI
Houston 027055 RochesterMNWXK41162.4751000La Crosse, WI
Houston 027055 LaCrescentMNWXJ86162.5501000La Crosse, WI
Hubbard 027057 BemidjiMNWXM99162.4251000Grand Forks, ND
Hubbard 027057 WaubunMNWNG610162.450300Grand Forks, ND
Hubbard 027057 Park RapidsMNWWG98162.4751000Grand Forks, ND
Isanti 027059 ClearwaterMNWNG676162.5001000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Isanti 027059 Pine CityMNWNG678162.4251000Duluth, MN
Jackson 027063 New UlmMNKXI39162.5251000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Jackson 027063 JeffersMNKXI31162.4501000Sioux Falls, SD
Jackson 027063 MilfordIAKZZ80162.550300Sioux Falls, SD
Kanabec 027065 AitkinMNKZZ84162.4501000Duluth, MN
Kanabec 027065 Pine CityMNWNG678162.4251000Duluth, MN
Kandiyohi 027067 WillmarMNWXK44162.4751000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Kandiyohi 027067 OliviaMNWNG711162.400300Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Kandiyohi 027067 AppletonMNKXI32162.5501000Aberdeen, SD
Kittson 027069 Thief River FallsMNWXK43162.5501000Grand Forks, ND
Kittson 027069 Lake BronsonMNWNG583162.525300Grand Forks, ND
Koochiching 027071 Elephant LakeMNKZZ44162.450300Duluth, MN
Koochiching 027071 International FallsMNWXK45162.5501000Duluth, MN
Lac qui Parle 027073 AppletonMNKXI32162.5501000Aberdeen, SD
Lac qui Parle 027073 South ShoreSDWXM41162.4251000Aberdeen, SD
Lac qui Parle 027073 WillmarMNWXK44162.4751000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Lake 027075 FinlandMNWNG630162.425300Duluth, MN
Lake 027075 DuluthMNKIG64162.5501000Duluth, MN
Lake 027075 ElyMNKXI44162.500300Duluth, MN
Lake 027075 Gun Flint LakeMNKXI45162.525300Duluth, MN
Lake of the Woods 027077 RooseveltMNWWF45162.450300Grand Forks, ND
Le Sueur 027079 NorwoodMNWNG685162.425300Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Le Sueur 027079 MankatoMNWXK40162.4001000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Lincoln 027081 RussellMNKXI50162.5001000Sioux Falls, SD
Lyon 027083 RussellMNKXI50162.5001000Sioux Falls, SD
McLeod 027085 NorwoodMNWNG685162.425300Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
McLeod 027085 New UlmMNKXI39162.5251000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
McLeod 027085 WillmarMNWXK44162.4751000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
McLeod 027085 ClearwaterMNWNG676162.5001000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Mahnomen 027087 WaubunMNWNG610162.450300Grand Forks, ND
Mahnomen 027087 Detroit LakesMNWXM64162.400100Grand Forks, ND
Marshall 027089 PetersburgNDWXM38162.4001000Grand Forks, ND
Marshall 027089 Thief River FallsMNWXK43162.5501000Grand Forks, ND
Martin 027091 RingstedIAWNG688162.475300Des Moines, IA
Martin 027091 New UlmMNKXI39162.5251000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Martin 027091 MankatoMNWXK40162.4001000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Meeker 027093 ClearwaterMNWNG676162.5001000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Meeker 027093 WillmarMNWXK44162.4751000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Meeker 027093 NorwoodMNWNG685162.425300Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Mille Lacs 027095 ClearwaterMNWNG676162.5001000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Mille Lacs 027095 AitkinMNKZZ84162.4501000Duluth, MN
Mille Lacs 027095 Pine CityMNWNG678162.4251000Duluth, MN
Mille Lacs 027095 St. CloudMNWXL65162.400330Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Morrison 027097 AitkinMNKZZ84162.4501000Duluth, MN
Morrison 027097 Long PrairieMNWNG673162.5251000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Mower 027099 St. AnsgarIAKXI68162.4501000La Crosse, WI
Mower 027099 MankatoMNWXK40162.4001000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Mower 027099 RochesterMNWXK41162.4751000La Crosse, WI
Murray 027101 FuldaMNWNG702162.425300Sioux Falls, SD
Murray 027101 JeffersMNKXI31162.4501000Sioux Falls, SD
Murray 027101 RussellMNKXI50162.5001000Sioux Falls, SD
Nicollet 027103 MankatoMNWXK40162.4001000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Nicollet 027103 NorwoodMNWNG685162.425300Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Nicollet 027103 New UlmMNKXI39162.5251000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Nobles 027105 Sioux FallsSDWXM28162.4001000Sioux Falls, SD
Nobles 027105 FuldaMNWNG702162.425300Sioux Falls, SD
Nobles 027105 JeffersMNKXI31162.4501000Sioux Falls, SD
Norman 027107 WaubunMNWNG610162.450300Grand Forks, ND
Norman 027107 FargoNDWXK42162.4751000Grand Forks, ND
Norman 027107 Detroit LakesMNWXM64162.400100Grand Forks, ND
Olmsted 027109 RochesterMNWXK41162.4751000La Crosse, WI
Otter Tail 027111 Detroit LakesMNWXM64162.400100Grand Forks, ND
Otter Tail 027111 Long PrairieMNWNG673162.5251000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Otter Tail 027111 LeaderMNWXJ64162.5501000Duluth, MN
Otter Tail 027111 Fergus FallsMNWNG680162.5001000Grand Forks, ND
Pennington 027113 Thief River FallsMNWXK43162.5501000Grand Forks, ND
Pine 027115 AitkinMNKZZ84162.4501000Duluth, MN
Pine 027115 DuluthMNKIG64162.5501000Duluth, MN
Pine 027115 SpoonerWIKZZ79162.4751000Duluth, MN
Pine 027115 Pine CityMNWNG678162.4251000Duluth, MN
Pipestone 027117 RussellMNKXI50162.5001000Sioux Falls, SD
Pipestone 027117 Sioux FallsSDWXM28162.4001000Sioux Falls, SD
Polk 027119 Grand ForksNDWWF83162.475300Grand Forks, ND
Polk 027119 Thief River FallsMNWXK43162.5501000Grand Forks, ND
Pope 027121 AppletonMNKXI32162.5501000Aberdeen, SD
Pope 027121 WillmarMNWXK44162.4751000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Pope 027121 KensingtonMNWNG707162.4001000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Pope 027121 Long PrairieMNWNG673162.5251000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Ramsey 027123 Minneapolis/St. PaulMNKEC65162.5501000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Red Lake 027125 Thief River FallsMNWXK43162.5501000Grand Forks, ND
Redwood 027127 New UlmMNKXI39162.5251000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Redwood 027127 OliviaMNWNG711162.400300Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Redwood 027127 JeffersMNKXI31162.4501000Sioux Falls, SD
Redwood 027127 RussellMNKXI50162.5001000Sioux Falls, SD
Renville 027129 OliviaMNWNG711162.400300Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Renville 027129 WillmarMNWXK44162.4751000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Renville 027129 AppletonMNKXI32162.5501000Aberdeen, SD
Renville 027129 NorwoodMNWNG685162.425300Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Renville 027129 New UlmMNKXI39162.5251000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Rice 027131 Minneapolis/St. PaulMNKEC65162.5501000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Rice 027131 MankatoMNWXK40162.4001000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Rock 027133 Sioux FallsSDWXM28162.4001000Sioux Falls, SD
Roseau 027135 RooseveltMNWWF45162.450300Grand Forks, ND
Roseau 027135 Thief River FallsMNWXK43162.5501000Grand Forks, ND
Roseau 027135 Lake BronsonMNWNG583162.525300Grand Forks, ND
Scott 027139 NorwoodMNWNG685162.425300Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Scott 027139 Minneapolis/St. PaulMNKEC65162.5501000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Sherburne 027141 St. CloudMNWXL65162.400330Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Sherburne 027141 ClearwaterMNWNG676162.5001000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Sibley 027143 NorwoodMNWNG685162.425300Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Sibley 027143 New UlmMNKXI39162.5251000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Stearns 027145 WillmarMNWXK44162.4751000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Stearns 027145 Long PrairieMNWNG673162.5251000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Stearns 027145 St. CloudMNWXL65162.400330Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Stearns 027145 ClearwaterMNWNG676162.5001000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Steele 027147 MankatoMNWXK40162.4001000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Stevens 027149 AppletonMNKXI32162.5501000Aberdeen, SD
Stevens 027149 WillmarMNWXK44162.4751000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Stevens 027149 KensingtonMNWNG707162.4001000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Swift 027151 AppletonMNKXI32162.5501000Aberdeen, SD
Swift 027151 WillmarMNWXK44162.4751000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Todd 027153 Long PrairieMNWNG673162.5251000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Todd 027153 LeaderMNWXJ64162.5501000Duluth, MN
Traverse 027155 KensingtonMNWNG707162.4001000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Traverse 027155 South ShoreSDWXM41162.4251000Aberdeen, SD
Wabasha 027157 RochesterMNWXK41162.4751000La Crosse, WI
Wadena 027159 LeaderMNWXJ64162.5501000Duluth, MN
Wadena 027159 Park RapidsMNWWG98162.4751000Grand Forks, ND
Wadena 027159 Detroit LakesMNWXM64162.400100Grand Forks, ND
Wadena 027159 Long PrairieMNWNG673162.5251000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Waseca 027161 MankatoMNWXK40162.4001000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Washington 027163 Minneapolis/St. PaulMNKEC65162.5501000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Watonwan 027165 New UlmMNKXI39162.5251000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Watonwan 027165 MankatoMNWXK40162.4001000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Watonwan 027165 JeffersMNKXI31162.4501000Sioux Falls, SD
Wilkin 027167 Fergus FallsMNWNG680162.5001000Grand Forks, ND
Wilkin 027167 FargoNDWXK42162.4751000Grand Forks, ND
Winona 027169 WinonaWIKGG95162.425300La Crosse, WI
Winona 027169 RochesterMNWXK41162.4751000La Crosse, WI
Winona 027169 LaCrescentMNWXJ86162.5501000La Crosse, WI
Wright 027171 ClearwaterMNWNG676162.5001000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Wright 027171 WillmarMNWXK44162.4751000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Wright 027171 NorwoodMNWNG685162.425300Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Wright 027171 Minneapolis/St. PaulMNKEC65162.5501000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Yellow Medicine 027173 WillmarMNWXK44162.4751000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Yellow Medicine 027173 AppletonMNKXI32162.5501000Aberdeen, SD
Yellow Medicine 027173 OliviaMNWNG711162.400300Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Yellow Medicine 027173 RussellMNKXI50162.5001000Sioux Falls, SD
Itasca 127061 ColeraineMNKZZ29162.4001000Duluth, MN
Itasca 127061 BemidjiMNWXM99162.4251000Grand Forks, ND
St. Louis 127137 Elephant LakeMNKZZ44162.450300Duluth, MN
Aitkin 227001 ColeraineMNKZZ29162.4001000Duluth, MN
Aitkin 227001 AitkinMNKZZ84162.4501000Duluth, MN
Cass 227021 LeaderMNWXJ64162.5501000Duluth, MN
Cass 227021 ColeraineMNKZZ29162.4001000Duluth, MN
Cass 227021 BemidjiMNWXM99162.4251000Grand Forks, ND
Itasca 327061 ColeraineMNKZZ29162.4001000Duluth, MN
St. Louis 327137 ElyMNKXI44162.500300Duluth, MN
St. Louis 427137 VirginiaMNKZZ45162.475300Duluth, MN
St. Louis 427137 ColeraineMNKZZ29162.4001000Duluth, MN
St. Louis 627137 VirginiaMNKZZ45162.475300Duluth, MN
St. Louis 727137 DuluthMNKIG64162.5501000Duluth, MN
Aitkin 827001 AitkinMNKZZ84162.4501000Duluth, MN
Aitkin 827001 Pine CityMNWNG678162.4251000Duluth, MN
Cass 827021 Long PrairieMNWNG673162.5251000Twin Cities/Chanhassen, MN
Cass 827021 LeaderMNWXJ64162.5501000Duluth, MN
Itasca 827061 ColeraineMNKZZ29162.4001000Duluth, MN
St. Louis 927137 DuluthMNKIG64162.5501000Duluth, MN