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Rhode Island Propagation Coverage Map

Coverage Map Notes
The coverage statistics and maps are calculated using a computer model and station data assuming ideal conditions. Coverage may be 5 to 10 percent below the computer predicted coverage for the following reasons:
  • The computer model is sensitive to antenna performance. Antenna performance is a function of local conditions, causing signals to be stronger signal level in some directions than others.
  • Placement of NWR antennas is dictated by the tower owner, which may result in a less than ideal set up.
  • The antenna may be affected by nearby structures or bodies of water.
  • In some special instances, the antenna may have been intentionally adjusted to be "directional" and provide better coverage to a specific area to the detriment of other areas.
  • Because of variations in local site conditions, the performance of an individual transmitter and antenna may be less than predicted or expected.
  • Seasonal environmental conditions, such as icing or heavy rain, affect performance of a transmitter station and its various components, particularly those subject to continuous weather exposure.
  • The coverage maps are shown in a single color format, which relates to an estimated signal level.
    • White: Signal level of greater than 18dBuV: Reliable coverage

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Weather Forecast Office (WFO)

Station Listing

Site Name Transmitter Name Call Sign Frequency Power WFO
Providence Johnston WXJ39 162.400 500Boston/Norton, MA
Number of Stations in Rhode Island = 1

County Coverage Listing

County/City/Area SAME Transmitter Site State Call Sign Frequency Power WFO
Bristol 044001 ProvidenceRIWXJ39162.400500Boston/Norton, MA
Kent 044003 ProvidenceRIWXJ39162.400500Boston/Norton, MA
Newport 044005 ProvidenceRIWXJ39162.400500Boston/Norton, MA
Providence 044007 WorcesterMAWXL93162.550500Boston/Norton, MA
Providence 044007 ProvidenceRIWXJ39162.400500Boston/Norton, MA
Washington 044009 ProvidenceRIWXJ39162.400500Boston/Norton, MA
Washington 044009 New LondonCTKHB47162.550750New York, NY