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South Carolina  Propagation Coverage Map

Coverage Map Notes
The coverage statistics and maps are calculated using a computer model and station data assuming ideal conditions. Coverage may be 5 to 10 percent below the computer predicted coverage for the following reasons:
  • The computer model is sensitive to antenna performance. Antenna performance is a function of local conditions, causing signals to be stronger signal level in some directions than others.
  • Placement of NWR antennas is dictated by the tower owner, which may result in a less than ideal set up.
  • The antenna may be affected by nearby structures or bodies of water.
  • In some special instances, the antenna may have been intentionally adjusted to be "directional" and provide better coverage to a specific area to the detriment of other areas.
  • Because of variations in local site conditions, the performance of an individual transmitter and antenna may be less than predicted or expected.
  • Seasonal environmental conditions, such as icing or heavy rain, affect performance of a transmitter station and its various components, particularly those subject to continuous weather exposure.
  • The coverage maps are shown in a single color format, which relates to an estimated signal level.
    • White: Signal level of greater than 18dBuV: Reliable coverage

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Weather Forecast Office (WFO)

Station Listing

Site Name Transmitter Name Call Sign Frequency Power WFO
Jasper County Ridgeland KEC85 162.400 1000Charleston, SC
Aynor Conway/Myrtle Beach KEC95 162.400 1000Wilmington, NC
Orangeburg Orangeburg KHA35 162.525 300West Columbia, SC
Charleston Awendaw KHB29 162.550 1000Charleston, SC
Rock Hill York KHC27 162.425 1000Greer, SC
Kirksey Greenwood County KHC28 162.425 1000West Columbia, SC
Barnwell Barnwell KHC29 162.500 1000West Columbia, SC
Aiken Aiken WNG627 162.450 300West Columbia, SC
Georgetown Georgetown WNG628 162.500 300Wilmington, NC
Sumter Sumter WWG77 162.425 300West Columbia, SC
Columbia West Columbia WXJ20 162.400 1000West Columbia, SC
Greenville Paris Mtn. WXJ21 162.550 1000Greer, SC
Florence Pockett Rd. WXJ22 162.550 1000Wilmington, NC
Beaufort Green Pond WXJ23 162.450 1000Charleston, SC
Cheraw Chesterfield WXK90 162.450 300West Columbia, SC
Cross Cross WXM93 162.475 100Charleston, SC
Number of Stations in South Carolina = 16

County Coverage Listing

County/City/Area SAME Transmitter Site State Call Sign Frequency Power WFO
Abbeville 045001 GreenvilleSCWXJ21162.5501000Greer, SC
Abbeville 045001 KirkseySCKHC28162.4251000West Columbia, SC
Aiken 045003 BarnwellSCKHC29162.5001000West Columbia, SC
Aiken 045003 AikenSCWNG627162.450300West Columbia, SC
Aiken 045003 AugustaGAWXK54162.5501000West Columbia, SC
Allendale 045005 BarnwellSCKHC29162.5001000West Columbia, SC
Allendale 045005 BeaufortSCWXJ23162.4501000Charleston, SC
Allendale 045005 AugustaGAWXK54162.5501000West Columbia, SC
Anderson 045007 GreenvilleSCWXJ21162.5501000Greer, SC
Bamberg 045009 OrangeburgSCKHA35162.525300West Columbia, SC
Bamberg 045009 ColumbiaSCWXJ20162.4001000West Columbia, SC
Bamberg 045009 BarnwellSCKHC29162.5001000West Columbia, SC
Bamberg 045009 BeaufortSCWXJ23162.4501000Charleston, SC
Bamberg 045009 AugustaGAWXK54162.5501000West Columbia, SC
Barnwell 045011 WaynesboroGAWXM88162.425325West Columbia, SC
Barnwell 045011 AugustaGAWXK54162.5501000West Columbia, SC
Barnwell 045011 BarnwellSCKHC29162.5001000West Columbia, SC
Beaufort 045013 Jasper CountySCKEC85162.4001000Charleston, SC
Beaufort 045013 BeaufortSCWXJ23162.4501000Charleston, SC
Berkeley 045015 CrossSCWXM93162.475100Charleston, SC
Berkeley 045015 CharlestonSCKHB29162.5501000Charleston, SC
Calhoun 045017 OrangeburgSCKHA35162.525300West Columbia, SC
Calhoun 045017 ColumbiaSCWXJ20162.4001000West Columbia, SC
Charleston 045019 CharlestonSCKHB29162.5501000Charleston, SC
Cherokee 045021 Rock HillSCKHC27162.4251000Greer, SC
Cherokee 045021 GreenvilleSCWXJ21162.5501000Greer, SC
Cherokee 045021 CharlotteNCWXL70162.4751000Greer, SC
Chester 045023 Rock HillSCKHC27162.4251000Greer, SC
Chesterfield 045025 FlorenceSCWXJ22162.5501000Wilmington, NC
Chesterfield 045025 CherawSCWXK90162.450300West Columbia, SC
Chesterfield 045025 EllerbeNCWNG597162.400300Raleigh, NC
Clarendon 045027 SumterSCWWG77162.425300West Columbia, SC
Clarendon 045027 OrangeburgSCKHA35162.525300West Columbia, SC
Clarendon 045027 FlorenceSCWXJ22162.5501000Wilmington, NC
Clarendon 045027 CharlestonSCKHB29162.5501000Charleston, SC
Clarendon 045027 ColumbiaSCWXJ20162.4001000West Columbia, SC
Clarendon 045027 CrossSCWXM93162.475100Charleston, SC
Colleton 045029 OrangeburgSCKHA35162.525300West Columbia, SC
Colleton 045029 CharlestonSCKHB29162.5501000Charleston, SC
Colleton 045029 BarnwellSCKHC29162.5001000West Columbia, SC
Colleton 045029 BeaufortSCWXJ23162.4501000Charleston, SC
Darlington 045031 FlorenceSCWXJ22162.5501000Wilmington, NC
Darlington 045031 CherawSCWXK90162.450300West Columbia, SC
Dillon 045033 Saint PaulsNCWXL50162.4751000Wilmington, NC
Dillon 045033 FlorenceSCWXJ22162.5501000Wilmington, NC
Dillon 045033 AynorSCKEC95162.4001000Wilmington, NC
Dillon 045033 CherawSCWXK90162.450300West Columbia, SC
Dorchester 045035 OrangeburgSCKHA35162.525300West Columbia, SC
Dorchester 045035 CharlestonSCKHB29162.5501000Charleston, SC
Edgefield 045037 AugustaGAWXK54162.5501000West Columbia, SC
Edgefield 045037 KirkseySCKHC28162.4251000West Columbia, SC
Edgefield 045037 AikenSCWNG627162.450300West Columbia, SC
Fairfield 045039 Rock HillSCKHC27162.4251000Greer, SC
Fairfield 045039 ColumbiaSCWXJ20162.4001000West Columbia, SC
Florence 045041 FlorenceSCWXJ22162.5501000Wilmington, NC
Florence 045041 AynorSCKEC95162.4001000Wilmington, NC
Georgetown 045043 GeorgetownSCWNG628162.500300Wilmington, NC
Georgetown 045043 CharlestonSCKHB29162.5501000Charleston, SC
Georgetown 045043 AynorSCKEC95162.4001000Wilmington, NC
Greenville 045045 GreenvilleSCWXJ21162.5501000Greer, SC
Greenwood 045047 KirkseySCKHC28162.4251000West Columbia, SC
Greenwood 045047 GreenvilleSCWXJ21162.5501000Greer, SC
Hampton 045049 BeaufortSCWXJ23162.4501000Charleston, SC
Hampton 045049 BarnwellSCKHC29162.5001000West Columbia, SC
Horry 045051 AynorSCKEC95162.4001000Wilmington, NC
Jasper 045053 Jasper CountySCKEC85162.4001000Charleston, SC
Jasper 045053 BeaufortSCWXJ23162.4501000Charleston, SC
Kershaw 045055 FlorenceSCWXJ22162.5501000Wilmington, NC
Kershaw 045055 ColumbiaSCWXJ20162.4001000West Columbia, SC
Lancaster 045057 Rock HillSCKHC27162.4251000Greer, SC
Laurens 045059 KirkseySCKHC28162.4251000West Columbia, SC
Laurens 045059 GreenvilleSCWXJ21162.5501000Greer, SC
Lee 045061 SumterSCWWG77162.425300West Columbia, SC
Lee 045061 FlorenceSCWXJ22162.5501000Wilmington, NC
Lee 045061 ColumbiaSCWXJ20162.4001000West Columbia, SC
Lee 045061 CherawSCWXK90162.450300West Columbia, SC
Lexington 045063 ColumbiaSCWXJ20162.4001000West Columbia, SC
McCormick 045065 AugustaGAWXK54162.5501000West Columbia, SC
McCormick 045065 KirkseySCKHC28162.4251000West Columbia, SC
Marion 045067 FlorenceSCWXJ22162.5501000Wilmington, NC
Marion 045067 AynorSCKEC95162.4001000Wilmington, NC
Marlboro 045069 CherawSCWXK90162.450300West Columbia, SC
Marlboro 045069 Saint PaulsNCWXL50162.4751000Wilmington, NC
Marlboro 045069 EllerbeNCWNG597162.400300Raleigh, NC
Marlboro 045069 FlorenceSCWXJ22162.5501000Wilmington, NC
Newberry 045071 KirkseySCKHC28162.4251000West Columbia, SC
Newberry 045071 GreenvilleSCWXJ21162.5501000Greer, SC
Newberry 045071 ColumbiaSCWXJ20162.4001000West Columbia, SC
Oconee 045073 ToccoaGAWWH24162.425250Greer, SC
Oconee 045073 GreenvilleSCWXJ21162.5501000Greer, SC
Oconee 045073 ClaytonGAKXI81162.450300Greer, SC
Orangeburg 045075 OrangeburgSCKHA35162.525300West Columbia, SC
Orangeburg 045075 CrossSCWXM93162.475100Charleston, SC
Orangeburg 045075 CharlestonSCKHB29162.5501000Charleston, SC
Orangeburg 045075 BarnwellSCKHC29162.5001000West Columbia, SC
Orangeburg 045075 ColumbiaSCWXJ20162.4001000West Columbia, SC
Pickens 045077 GreenvilleSCWXJ21162.5501000Greer, SC
Richland 045079 SumterSCWWG77162.425300West Columbia, SC
Richland 045079 ColumbiaSCWXJ20162.4001000West Columbia, SC
Saluda 045081 KirkseySCKHC28162.4251000West Columbia, SC
Saluda 045081 ColumbiaSCWXJ20162.4001000West Columbia, SC
Spartanburg 045083 GreenvilleSCWXJ21162.5501000Greer, SC
Sumter 045085 SumterSCWWG77162.425300West Columbia, SC
Sumter 045085 OrangeburgSCKHA35162.525300West Columbia, SC
Sumter 045085 ColumbiaSCWXJ20162.4001000West Columbia, SC
Sumter 045085 FlorenceSCWXJ22162.5501000Wilmington, NC
Union 045087 Rock HillSCKHC27162.4251000Greer, SC
Union 045087 GreenvilleSCWXJ21162.5501000Greer, SC
Williamsburg 045089 FlorenceSCWXJ22162.5501000Wilmington, NC
Williamsburg 045089 GeorgetownSCWNG628162.500300Wilmington, NC
Williamsburg 045089 CrossSCWXM93162.475100Charleston, SC
Williamsburg 045089 CharlestonSCKHB29162.5501000Charleston, SC
Williamsburg 045089 AynorSCKEC95162.4001000Wilmington, NC
York 045091 Rock HillSCKHC27162.4251000Greer, SC
York 045091 CharlotteNCWXL70162.4751000Greer, SC