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Wisconsin Propagation Coverage Map

Coverage Map Notes
The coverage statistics and Maps are calculated using a computer model and station data assuming ideal conditions. Coverage may be 5 to 10 percent below the computer predicted coverage for the following reasons:
  • The computer model is sensitive to antenna performance. Antenna performance is a function of local conditions, causing signals to be stronger signal level in some directions than others.
  • Placement of NWR antennas is dictated by the tower owner, which may result in a less than ideal set up.
  • The antenna may be affected by nearby structures or bodies of water.
  • In some special instances, the antenna may have been intentionally adjusted to be "directional" and provide better coverage to a specific area to the detriment of other areas.
  • Because of variations in local site conditions, the performance of an individual transmitter and antenna may be less than predicted or expected.
  • Seasonal environmental conditions, such as icing or heavy rain, affect performance of a transmitter station and its various components, particularly those subject to continuous weather exposure.
  • The coverage Maps are shown in a single color format, which relates to an estimated signal level.
    • White: Signal level of greater than 18dBuV: Reliable coverage

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Weather Forecast Office (WFO)

Station Listing

Site Name Transmitter Name Call Sign Frequency Power WFO
Gresham Gresham KC2XBZ 162.500 300Green Bay, WI
Tomah Tomah KE2XKP 162.525 300La Crosse, WI
Milwaukee Delafield KEC60 162.400 1000Sullivan, WI
Winona Fountain City KGG95 162.425 300La Crosse, WI
Baraboo Baraboo KHA47 162.450 300Sullivan, WI
Green Bay De Pere KIG65 162.550 1000Green Bay, WI
Racine Racine KZZ76 162.450 300Sullivan, WI
Withee Withee KZZ77 162.425 1000La Crosse, WI
Ashland Ashland KZZ78 162.525 1000Duluth, MN
Spooner Webster KZZ79 162.475 1000Duluth, MN
New London Manawa/Ogdensburg WNG552 162.525 1000Green Bay, WI
Wausaukee Wausaukee WNG553 162.400 1000Green Bay, WI
Black River Falls Jackson County WNG564 162.500 300La Crosse, WI
Rhinelander Oneida County WNG565 162.400 1000Green Bay, WI
Ladysmith Rusk County WNG577 162.550 1000Chanhassen, MN
Coloma Coloma WWF40 162.400 1000Green Bay, WI
Prairie Du Chien Bloomington WWG86 162.500 1000La Crosse, WI
Fond Du Lac Fond Du Lac WWG87 162.500 1000Sullivan, WI
Crandon Crandon WWG88 162.450 750Green Bay, WI
Richland Center Ash Ridge WWG89 162.475 200La Crosse, WI
Janesville Milton - Rock County WWG90 162.425 300Sullivan, WI
Sheboygan Sheboygan WWG91 162.525 300Sullivan, WI
Madison Middleton Junction WXJ87 162.550 1000Sullivan, WI
Menomonie Wheeler WXJ88 162.400 1000Chanhassen, MN
Wausau Marathon WXJ89 162.475 1000Green Bay, WI
Dubuque Kieler WXL64 162.400 1000Davenport, IA
Park Falls Park Falls WXM91 162.500 1000Duluth, MN
Sister Bay Sister Bay WXN69 162.425 1000Green Bay, WI
Number of Stations in Wisconsin = 28

County Coverage Listing

County/City/Area SAME Transmitter Site State Call Sign Frequency Power WFO
Adams 055001 BarabooWIKHA47162.450300Sullivan, WI
Adams 055001 TomahWIKE2XKP162.525300La Crosse, WI
Adams 055001 ColomaWIWWF40162.4001000Green Bay, WI
Ashland 055003 Park FallsWIWXM91162.5001000Duluth, MN
Ashland 055003 AshlandWIKZZ78162.5251000Duluth, MN
Barron 055005 SpoonerWIKZZ79162.4751000Duluth, MN
Barron 055005 LadysmithWIWNG577162.5501000Chanhassen, MN
Barron 055005 MenomonieWIWXJ88162.4001000Chanhassen, MN
Bayfield 055007 SpoonerWIKZZ79162.4751000Duluth, MN
Bayfield 055007 AshlandWIKZZ78162.5251000Duluth, MN
Bayfield 055007 DuluthMNKIG64162.5501000Duluth, MN
Brown 055009 Green BayWIKIG65162.5501000Green Bay, WI
Buffalo 055011 LaCrescentMNWXJ86162.5501000La Crosse, WI
Buffalo 055011 WinonaWIKGG95162.425300La Crosse, WI
Buffalo 055011 RochesterMNWXK41162.4751000La Crosse, WI
Burnett 055013 SpoonerWIKZZ79162.4751000Duluth, MN
Burnett 055013 Pine CityMNWNG678162.4251000Duluth, MN
Calumet 055015 Green BayWIKIG65162.5501000Green Bay, WI
Calumet 055015 Fond Du LacWIWWG87162.5001000Sullivan, WI
Chippewa 055017 WitheeWIKZZ77162.4251000La Crosse, WI
Chippewa 055017 MenomonieWIWXJ88162.4001000Chanhassen, MN
Chippewa 055017 LadysmithWIWNG577162.5501000Chanhassen, MN
Clark 055019 WausauWIWXJ89162.4751000Green Bay, WI
Clark 055019 WitheeWIKZZ77162.4251000La Crosse, WI
Clark 055019 Black River FallsWIWNG564162.500300La Crosse, WI
Columbia 055021 MadisonWIWXJ87162.5501000Sullivan, WI
Columbia 055021 BarabooWIKHA47162.450300Sullivan, WI
Crawford 055023 Prairie Du ChienWIWWG86162.5001000La Crosse, WI
Crawford 055023 LaCrescentMNWXJ86162.5501000La Crosse, WI
Dane 055025 MadisonWIWXJ87162.5501000Sullivan, WI
Dane 055025 BarabooWIKHA47162.450300Sullivan, WI
Dane 055025 JanesvilleWIWWG90162.425300Sullivan, WI
Dodge 055027 MilwaukeeWIKEC60162.4001000Sullivan, WI
Dodge 055027 MadisonWIWXJ87162.5501000Sullivan, WI
Dodge 055027 Fond Du LacWIWWG87162.5001000Sullivan, WI
Door 055029 WausaukeeWIWNG553162.4001000Green Bay, WI
Door 055029 Sister BayWIWXN69162.4251000Green Bay, WI
Door 055029 Green BayWIKIG65162.5501000Green Bay, WI
Douglas 055031 SpoonerWIKZZ79162.4751000Duluth, MN
Douglas 055031 DuluthMNKIG64162.5501000Duluth, MN
Dunn 055033 MenomonieWIWXJ88162.4001000Chanhassen, MN
Eau Claire 055035 WitheeWIKZZ77162.4251000La Crosse, WI
Eau Claire 055035 MenomonieWIWXJ88162.4001000Chanhassen, MN
Eau Claire 055035 Black River FallsWIWNG564162.500300La Crosse, WI
Florence 055037 CrandonWIWWG88162.450750Green Bay, WI
Fond du Lac 055039 SheboyganWIWWG91162.525300Sullivan, WI
Fond du Lac 055039 Fond Du LacWIWWG87162.5001000Sullivan, WI
Fond du Lac 055039 MilwaukeeWIKEC60162.4001000Sullivan, WI
Forest 055041 RhinelanderWIWNG565162.4001000Green Bay, WI
Forest 055041 CrandonWIWWG88162.450750Green Bay, WI
Grant 055043 DubuqueWIWXL64162.4001000Davenport, IA
Grant 055043 Prairie Du ChienWIWWG86162.5001000La Crosse, WI
Green 055045 RockfordILKZZ57162.4751000Romeoville, IL
Green 055045 MadisonWIWXJ87162.5501000Sullivan, WI
Green 055045 JanesvilleWIWWG90162.425300Sullivan, WI
Green 055045 FreeportILKZZ56162.450300Davenport, IA
Green Lake 055047 ColomaWIWWF40162.4001000Green Bay, WI
Green Lake 055047 Fond Du LacWIWWG87162.5001000Sullivan, WI
Iowa 055049 BarabooWIKHA47162.450300Sullivan, WI
Iowa 055049 MadisonWIWXJ87162.5501000Sullivan, WI
Iron 055051 Park FallsWIWXM91162.5001000Duluth, MN
Iron 055051 AshlandWIKZZ78162.5251000Duluth, MN
Iron 055051 MareniscoMIWNG683162.550300Negaunee, MI
Jackson 055053 TomahWIKE2XKP162.525300La Crosse, WI
Jackson 055053 LaCrescentMNWXJ86162.5501000La Crosse, WI
Jackson 055053 Black River FallsWIWNG564162.500300La Crosse, WI
Jefferson 055055 MilwaukeeWIKEC60162.4001000Sullivan, WI
Jefferson 055055 MadisonWIWXJ87162.5501000Sullivan, WI
Juneau 055057 TomahWIKE2XKP162.525300La Crosse, WI
Juneau 055057 ColomaWIWWF40162.4001000Green Bay, WI
Juneau 055057 BarabooWIKHA47162.450300Sullivan, WI
Kenosha 055059 MilwaukeeWIKEC60162.4001000Sullivan, WI
Kenosha 055059 RacineWIKZZ76162.450300Sullivan, WI
Kenosha 055059 Crystal LakeILKXI41162.500300Romeoville, IL
Kewaunee 055061 Sister BayWIWXN69162.4251000Green Bay, WI
Kewaunee 055061 Green BayWIKIG65162.5501000Green Bay, WI
La Crosse 055063 WinonaWIKGG95162.425300La Crosse, WI
La Crosse 055063 TomahWIKE2XKP162.525300La Crosse, WI
La Crosse 055063 LaCrescentMNWXJ86162.5501000La Crosse, WI
Lafayette 055065 MadisonWIWXJ87162.5501000Sullivan, WI
Lafayette 055065 FreeportILKZZ56162.450300Davenport, IA
Lafayette 055065 DubuqueWIWXL64162.4001000Davenport, IA
Langlade 055067 RhinelanderWIWNG565162.4001000Green Bay, WI
Langlade 055067 WausauWIWXJ89162.4751000Green Bay, WI
Langlade 055067 CrandonWIWWG88162.450750Green Bay, WI
Lincoln 055069 WausauWIWXJ89162.4751000Green Bay, WI
Lincoln 055069 RhinelanderWIWNG565162.4001000Green Bay, WI
Manitowoc 055071 SheboyganWIWWG91162.525300Sullivan, WI
Manitowoc 055071 Fond Du LacWIWWG87162.5001000Sullivan, WI
Manitowoc 055071 Green BayWIKIG65162.5501000Green Bay, WI
Marathon 055073 WitheeWIKZZ77162.4251000La Crosse, WI
Marathon 055073 WausauWIWXJ89162.4751000Green Bay, WI
Marinette 055075 WausaukeeWIWNG553162.4001000Green Bay, WI
Marinette 055075 CrandonWIWWG88162.450750Green Bay, WI
Marinette 055075 Sister BayWIWXN69162.4251000Green Bay, WI
Marinette 055075 Green BayWIKIG65162.5501000Green Bay, WI
Marquette 055077 ColomaWIWWF40162.4001000Green Bay, WI
Marquette 055077 BarabooWIKHA47162.450300Sullivan, WI
Menominee 055078 Green BayWIKIG65162.5501000Green Bay, WI
Menominee 055078 New LondonWIWNG552162.5251000Green Bay, WI
Menominee 055078 WausauWIWXJ89162.4751000Green Bay, WI
Menominee 055078 GreshamWIKC2XBZ162.500300Green Bay, WI
Milwaukee 055079 RacineWIKZZ76162.450300Sullivan, WI
Milwaukee 055079 MilwaukeeWIKEC60162.4001000Sullivan, WI
Monroe 055081 TomahWIKE2XKP162.525300La Crosse, WI
Monroe 055081 Black River FallsWIWNG564162.500300La Crosse, WI
Monroe 055081 LaCrescentMNWXJ86162.5501000La Crosse, WI
Oconto 055083 WausaukeeWIWNG553162.4001000Green Bay, WI
Oconto 055083 Green BayWIKIG65162.5501000Green Bay, WI
Oconto 055083 CrandonWIWWG88162.450750Green Bay, WI
Oneida 055085 WausauWIWXJ89162.4751000Green Bay, WI
Oneida 055085 RhinelanderWIWNG565162.4001000Green Bay, WI
Oneida 055085 CrandonWIWWG88162.450750Green Bay, WI
Oneida 055085 Park FallsWIWXM91162.5001000Duluth, MN
Outagamie 055087 New LondonWIWNG552162.5251000Green Bay, WI
Outagamie 055087 Green BayWIKIG65162.5501000Green Bay, WI
Ozaukee 055089 SheboyganWIWWG91162.525300Sullivan, WI
Ozaukee 055089 MilwaukeeWIKEC60162.4001000Sullivan, WI
Pepin 055091 MenomonieWIWXJ88162.4001000Chanhassen, MN
Pierce 055093 Minneapolis/St. PaulMNKEC65162.5501000Chanhassen, MN
Pierce 055093 MenomonieWIWXJ88162.4001000Chanhassen, MN
Polk 055095 SpoonerWIKZZ79162.4751000Duluth, MN
Polk 055095 Pine CityMNWNG678162.4251000Duluth, MN
Polk 055095 MenomonieWIWXJ88162.4001000Chanhassen, MN
Polk 055095 Minneapolis/St. PaulMNKEC65162.5501000Chanhassen, MN
Portage 055097 WausauWIWXJ89162.4751000Green Bay, WI
Portage 055097 New LondonWIWNG552162.5251000Green Bay, WI
Portage 055097 ColomaWIWWF40162.4001000Green Bay, WI
Price 055099 RhinelanderWIWNG565162.4001000Green Bay, WI
Price 055099 LadysmithWIWNG577162.5501000Chanhassen, MN
Price 055099 Park FallsWIWXM91162.5001000Duluth, MN
Racine 055101 RacineWIKZZ76162.450300Sullivan, WI
Racine 055101 MilwaukeeWIKEC60162.4001000Sullivan, WI
Richland 055103 Richland CenterWIWWG89162.475200La Crosse, WI
Richland 055103 BarabooWIKHA47162.450300Sullivan, WI
Rock 055105 RockfordILKZZ57162.4751000Romeoville, IL
Rock 055105 MadisonWIWXJ87162.5501000Sullivan, WI
Rock 055105 JanesvilleWIWWG90162.425300Sullivan, WI
Rusk 055107 WitheeWIKZZ77162.4251000La Crosse, WI
Rusk 055107 MenomonieWIWXJ88162.4001000Chanhassen, MN
Rusk 055107 LadysmithWIWNG577162.5501000Chanhassen, MN
St. Croix 055109 MenomonieWIWXJ88162.4001000Chanhassen, MN
St. Croix 055109 Minneapolis/St. PaulMNKEC65162.5501000Chanhassen, MN
Sauk 055111 MadisonWIWXJ87162.5501000Sullivan, WI
Sauk 055111 BarabooWIKHA47162.450300Sullivan, WI
Sawyer 055113 SpoonerWIKZZ79162.4751000Duluth, MN
Sawyer 055113 Park FallsWIWXM91162.5001000Duluth, MN
Sawyer 055113 LadysmithWIWNG577162.5501000Chanhassen, MN
Shawano 055115 Green BayWIKIG65162.5501000Green Bay, WI
Shawano 055115 New LondonWIWNG552162.5251000Green Bay, WI
Shawano 055115 GreshamWIKC2XBZ162.500300Green Bay, WI
Shawano 055115 WausauWIWXJ89162.4751000Green Bay, WI
Sheboygan 055117 SheboyganWIWWG91162.525300Sullivan, WI
Sheboygan 055117 Fond Du LacWIWWG87162.5001000Sullivan, WI
Sheboygan 055117 MilwaukeeWIKEC60162.4001000Sullivan, WI
Taylor 055119 WitheeWIKZZ77162.4251000La Crosse, WI
Taylor 055119 LadysmithWIWNG577162.5501000Chanhassen, MN
Taylor 055119 WausauWIWXJ89162.4751000Green Bay, WI
Trempealeau 055121 WinonaWIKGG95162.425300La Crosse, WI
Trempealeau 055121 Black River FallsWIWNG564162.500300La Crosse, WI
Trempealeau 055121 LaCrescentMNWXJ86162.5501000La Crosse, WI
Vernon 055123 TomahWIKE2XKP162.525300La Crosse, WI
Vernon 055123 Richland CenterWIWWG89162.475200La Crosse, WI
Vernon 055123 BarabooWIKHA47162.450300Sullivan, WI
Vernon 055123 LaCrescentMNWXJ86162.5501000La Crosse, WI
Vilas 055125 RhinelanderWIWNG565162.4001000Green Bay, WI
Vilas 055125 Park FallsWIWXM91162.5001000Duluth, MN
Vilas 055125 CrandonWIWWG88162.450750Green Bay, WI
Vilas 055125 MareniscoMIWNG683162.550300Negaunee, MI
Walworth 055127 RacineWIKZZ76162.450300Sullivan, WI
Walworth 055127 MilwaukeeWIKEC60162.4001000Sullivan, WI
Walworth 055127 Crystal LakeILKXI41162.500300Romeoville, IL
Walworth 055127 JanesvilleWIWWG90162.425300Sullivan, WI
Washburn 055129 SpoonerWIKZZ79162.4751000Duluth, MN
Washburn 055129 LadysmithWIWNG577162.5501000Chanhassen, MN
Washington 055131 SheboyganWIWWG91162.525300Sullivan, WI
Washington 055131 MilwaukeeWIKEC60162.4001000Sullivan, WI
Washington 055131 Fond Du LacWIWWG87162.5001000Sullivan, WI
Waukesha 055133 RacineWIKZZ76162.450300Sullivan, WI
Waukesha 055133 MilwaukeeWIKEC60162.4001000Sullivan, WI
Waupaca 055135 New LondonWIWNG552162.5251000Green Bay, WI
Waupaca 055135 WausauWIWXJ89162.4751000Green Bay, WI
Waupaca 055135 GreshamWIKC2XBZ162.500300Green Bay, WI
Waushara 055137 New LondonWIWNG552162.5251000Green Bay, WI
Waushara 055137 Fond Du LacWIWWG87162.5001000Sullivan, WI
Waushara 055137 ColomaWIWWF40162.4001000Green Bay, WI
Winnebago 055139 New LondonWIWNG552162.5251000Green Bay, WI
Winnebago 055139 Green BayWIKIG65162.5501000Green Bay, WI
Winnebago 055139 Fond Du LacWIWWG87162.5001000Sullivan, WI
Wood 055141 WitheeWIKZZ77162.4251000La Crosse, WI
Wood 055141 WausauWIWXJ89162.4751000Green Bay, WI
Wood 055141 ColomaWIWWF40162.4001000Green Bay, WI
Wood 055141 Black River FallsWIWNG564162.500300La Crosse, WI
Wood 055141 TomahWIKE2XKP162.525300La Crosse, WI