NWR All Hazards Outage Report Submission

Problems receiving the NWR broadcast can be due to issues with the NWR transmitter, your NWR receiver, or possibly both. Please check the list of known outages/degraded service shown at Current Outages before proceeding.

If your transmitter is not listed at Current Outages, the problem may be possibly be with your receiver. If your NWR receiver is not working properly
or you need assistance in programming your NWR receiver, please click here for a list of manufacturers for assistance (Adobe PDF format).

If you are unable to receive the NWR broadcast and are reasonably certain that your receiver is operating correctly, please call the following number
to report NWR Transmitter Problems:


or send an email to nwroutage@noaa.gov or fill in the form below.

Report NWR transmitter outages (dead air) or failure to receive the weekly test (every Wednesday between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon) local time.

NOTE: The weekly test may not be performed if there is severe weather in the area of the transmitter during the time scheduled for the test.

Please provide the following information:

Transmitter Call Sign
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Email Address for Follow Up
Receiver Make
Receiver Model
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* Submission of the information is voluntary; however, without all the information we may not be able to troubleshoot the problem fully.