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Tropical Storm Alberto Floods of July 1994 Disaster Survey Report Table of Contents



Executive Summary

Acronyms and Abbreviations

Chapter 1. Background and Overview of the Event

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Impact of the Flooding
1.3 Hydrometeorological Analysis
1.3.1 Storm Genesis and Landfall
1.3.2 Description of the Antecedent Conditions and Heavy Precipitation
1.3.3 Description of the Flooding

Chapter 2. Overview of NWS Performance

2.1 Storm Prediction

2.1.1 Summary of Storm Track and Forecasts
2.1.2 Evaluation of NMC Numerical Guidance and Storm Track Forecasts
2.1.3 Summary of Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts
2.1.4 Day-by-day Comparison of Numerical Guidance and Manually Issued Forecasts
2.2 Precipitation
2.2.1 NEXRAD WSR-88D
2.2.2 Locally Acquired Data
2.2.3 Central Data Systems and RFC Processing
2.2.4 Data Exchange with Cooperating Agencies
2.3 Flood Forecasting Service
2.3.1 Flash Flooding
2.3.2 River Flooding
2.3.3 The Bainbridge Forecast

Chapter 3. Issues Highlighted by the Event

3.1 Transition/Staffing/Modernization Vulnerabilities

3.1.1 Transition
3.1.2 Staffing
3.1.3 Modernization
3.2 Emerging Challenges
3.2.1 Expanding the Use of Improved Communication Technology
3.2.2 Improved Coordination Between NWS and FEMA


A - Summary of Findings and Recommendations
B - U.S. Geological Survey Peak Flows
C - Selected Hydrographs
D - Forecasts Issued by Southeast River Forecast Center by Forecast Points
E - Disaster Survey Team Contacts

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