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DOH/RDM Science Workshop
June 7-11, 2004
Silver Spring, MD

Monday, 7 June 12:00pm SSMC2 2nd floor conference room
Getting Started
Session Leader: Donna Page and Pedro Restrepo Notetaker: CNRFC

1) Introduction (Total: 1 hour 35 minutes)
a) Goals of the conference - (Don Laurine - 10 minutes)
b) NWS Director - "Water in NWS" - (General Johnson - 20 minutes)
c) Introduction of OHD Science Leader - (Gary Carter - 5 minutes)
d) Concept of a DOH Science Steering Team - (Don Laurine - 30 minutes)
e) State of the Hydrology Program address - (Gary Carter for George Smith - 30 minutes)

Break (10 minutes)

2) Future Directions (Total: 1 hour 30 minutes)
a) Moving from Hydrology Program to Water Resources Program - (Gary Carter - 30 minutes)
b) US Army Corps of Engineers Research/Collaboration with NOAA - (Bert Davis and Jack Davis- 60 minutes)

Break (10 minutes)

3) Hydrology Program Panel Discussion (Total: 2 hours)
a) Panel: Gary Carter, George Smith, Pedro Restrepo, Janice Sylvestre, Jon Roe, Geoff Bonnin, Glenn Austin, Tom Graziano, Jeff Zimmerman, Don Cline
b) Discussion on direction of the program

Tuesday, 8 June 8:00am SSMC2 2nd floor conference room
Data and Hydrometeorological Estimations
Session Leader: Don Laurine Notetaker: OHD

4) National Perspective for Data, Data Systems, and Data Requirements - (Rainer Dombrowsky - 20 minutes)
Current status, NWS vision and strategic plans for the development of an integrated observing and monitoring network (includes relationship of plans to NWS service programs, other agencies, and other countries)

5) National Model and Program Data Requirements - (Mike Smith - 20 Minutes)
a) data requirements and issues based on development and implementation experiences
b) data processor changes required
c) system changes (i.e., new calibration systems)
d) new types of data required
(includes data and system requirements for national project implementations and calibration)

6) FY06 field project to assess data/observations necessary for distributed modeling in mountainous terrain - (CNRFC - 20 minutes)
a) Plans
b) Goals
c) Expected benefits

7) Impacts of Biased data on Hydrologic Forecasting - (Eric Anderson - 30 Minutes)
a) Effects of biased data on conceptual hydrologic model response
b) Examples of bias in historical and operational data - impact of inconsistent data on model
c) Calibration - differences in MAT estimates due to different computational procedures
d) Summary of potential sources of bias in operational simulations

Break (10 minutes)

8) Issue From the Met Side of the House - (Brad Colman & Kevin Schrab - 30 Minutes)
a) issues and concerns from the ISST on NDFD grid fields
b) analysis of record

9) Data Issues & Data Processing- Hydrometeorological Estimations (Total: 1 hour)
a) Directions in precipitation processing - (Dave Kitzmiller & DJ Seo - 30 minutes)
b) OHRFC MPE experience - (Tom Adams - 15 minutes)
c) NWRFC NDFD/ISC grids utilization in the NWSRFS - (Don Laurine - 15 minutes)

Break (10 minutes)

10) General Discussions and Issues Development (1 hour)


Tuesday 8 June 1:00pm SSMC2 2nd floor conference room
Hydrologic Modeling
Session Leader: Bill Lawrence Notetaker: MARFC

11) DISTRIBUTED MODELING (Total: 2 hours 15 minutes)
a) National Perspective (Total: 45 minutes)
i) DMS 1.0 and 2.0 plans - (Lee Cajina -15 minutes)
ii) DMIP 2 - plans, info, - (Mike Smith -15 minutes)
iii) HL-RMS development - (Victor Koren -30 minutes)
b) Field Experiences (Total: 30 minutes)
i) WGRFC - DMS project (status and results) - (Bob Corby -15 minutes)
ii) ABRFC - DMS project (status and results) - (Bill Lawrence -15 minutes)

Break (10 minutes)

c) Round Table Discussion (Total: 45 minutes)
i) Future direction of Distributed modeling in NWS. - All

Break (10 minutes)

12) SITE SPECIFIC MODELING (Total: 1 hour 45 minutes)
a) National Perspective (Total: 45 minutes)
i) SAC-SMA site specific update - (Mark Glaudemans -15 minutes)
ii) Operations concept - WFO-RFC interaction, calibration, will it work? - (Chip Gobs - 15 minutes)
iii) Distributed SSM in future? - (Seann Reed -15 minutes)
b) Field Experiences (Total: 30 minutes)
i) MBRFC - (Bob Cox -15 minutes)
ii) LMRFC - (Bob Stucky -10 minutes)
iii) SERFC - (Brad Gimmestad - 10 minutes)
c) Round table discussion (Total: 30 minutes)
i) Discuss any items/questions/concerns from above - All

Wednesday 9 June 8:00am SSMC2 2nd floor conference room
Hydrologic Modeling (continued)
Session Leader: Bill Lawrence Notetaker: SERFC

13) DETERMINISTIC MODELS (Total: 2 hours 15 minutes)
a) National Perspective (Total: 45 minutes)
i) Frozen ground modeling advances - (Victor Koren -15 minutes)
ii) Model state updating - VAR project, where does OH want to go ? - (DJ Seo -15 minutes)
iii) Updates to IFP? (Want to improve forecast efficiency) - (Randy Rieman -15 minutes)

Break (10 minutes)

b) Field experiences (Total: 45 minutes)
i) WGRFC - VAR project (includes UHG and SAC parameter estimation) - (Bob Corby -15 minutes)
ii) LMRFC - SHARE software - What is is? Demo - (Bob Stucky - 30 minutes)
c) Round table discussion - All (45 minutes)
Break (10 minutes)

14) CHPS - Presentation, detailed discussion - (George Smith - 45 minutes)


Wednesday 9 June 1:00pm SSMC2 2nd floor conference room
Hydrologic Forecasting – Flash Flood
Session Leader: Tom Adams Notetaker: MBRFC

15) National Perspective on Flash Flood Guidance - (Kevin Lynott - 30 minutes)
a) FFGIT status
b) National requirements
c) current status, vision and future plans for FFG
d) issues: lack of national program, need for a verification program

16) Flash Flood Guidance Verification – (how do we know FFG’s validity without verification) - (Tom Adams - 30 minutes)

Break (10 minutes)

17) Statistical-Distributed Flash Flood Modeling (Seann Reed,Mike Smith, Victor Koren - 1 hour)

Break (10 minutes)

18) FFG Status Reports (Total: 45 minutes)
a) CBRFC FFG status report – (Steve Shumate - 25 minutes)
b) LMRFC FFG boundary consistency issue – (Bob Stucky -20 minutes)

19) Discussions & Recommendations for FFG (45 minutes)

Group Dinner – Mi Rancho

Thursday 10 June 8:00am NOAA Science Center
Hydrologic Forecasting - Ensembles
Session Leader: Tom Adams Notetaker: HSD

20) National Perspective on Ensemble Streamflow Prediction -- (Edwin Wells - 45 minutes)
a) current status and future plans
b) national requirements for short- and long-range ESP. Why? Too much emphasis?
c) ESP issues: training or education of users groups (including RFCs), products, product delivery, verification, validation, improper model state and their impacts, archive resource needs, and many more

21) Ensemble Forecasting Projects (Total: 2 hours 45 minutes)
a) OHD status, projects and products – (Julie Demargne, Mary Mullusky, John Schaake - 30 minutes)

Break (10 minutes)

b) OHD PQPF and PQTF project status – (Mary Mullusky, Julie Demargne - 30 minutes)
c) RFC presentations:
i) ABRFC short term ESP project/verification – (Bill Lawrence - 15 minutes)
ii) NERFC Stony Brook project – (Rob Shedd - 15 minutes)
iii) CBRFC MRF meso-eta ensemble project – (Steve Shumate - 15 minutes)
iv) NCRFC Sensitivity analysis on frequency of updates for probabilistic products - (John Halquist - 15 minutes)

Break (10 minutes)

v) OHRFC CPC 6-10 day Temp and Precip forecasts for 90 day ESP forecasts. – (Tom Adams - 15 minutes)
d) ESPADP/ESP bugs and enhancements – (Randy Rieman -15 minutes)

22) General Discuss and Issue Development (30 minutes)


Thursday 10 June 1:00pm NOAA Science Center
Hydrologic Verification
Session Leader: Pedro Restrepo Notetaker: APRFC

23) Introduction to Verification - (Bob Livezey - 1hour)

Break (10 minutes)

24) Deterministic Verification – (Edwin Welles - 30 minutes)
a) National scores
b) Local verification

25) Probabilistic Verification – (Kevin Werner - 30 minutes)

Break (10 minutes)

26) Verification Systems (Total: 1 hour)
a) Current – (Hank Herr - 30 minutes)

Friday 11 June 8:00am NOAA Science Center
Session Leader: Planning Committee Notetaker: WGRFC

27) RDM and Teams (Total: 30 minutes)
NOTE: Rescheduled for follow-up conference call
a) Status of all hydrology related teams (Donna Page and Tom Graziano -15 minutes)
b) RDM status and discussion (improvements, suggestions, etc.) (Donna Page - 15 minutes)

28) Establishment of a DOH Science Steering Team (Don Laurine lead discussion - 1 hour) NOTE: Rescheduled for follow-up conference call

Break (10 minutes)

29) GIS (Total: 45 minutes)
NOTE: Rescheduled for Thursday 7:30am
a) Status of GIS in NWS – (Donna Page for Frank Richards - 15 minutes)
b) Creating a platform independent FLDVIEW– (Janice Sylvestre -15 minutes)
c) Use of scalable vector graphics – (Steve Shumate - 15 minutes)

30)Parking Lot issues (1 hour)
NOTE: Rescheduled for follow-up conference call

Break (10 minutes)

31)Summary of actions, recommendations (Planning Committee -30 minutes)
NOTE: Rescheduled for follow-up conference call

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