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Executive Summary

River Forecast Center (RFC) Development ManagementDonna Page - Office of Hydrologic Development

18 December, 2001

A presentation on RFC Development Management was made to the Science and Technology subcommittee of the NWS Corporate Board to raise awareness of its mission and projects, report on the status of this new activity, and ask for continued support to build on its successes.

The mission of the RFC Development Manager (RDM) is to manage the science and software development among the RFCs to ensure the efficient use of NWS resources to support the Hydrologic Services Program. As part of the Office of Hydrologic Development, the RDM must rely on regional management support to accomplish this mission.

Activities for the RDM may be identified by the OCWWS/Region Hydrologic Service Division (HSD) Hydrology Requirements Process, the Developing and Sharing Local Applications Process, or Enterprise-wide issues brought to the RDM attention by headquarters offices.

Projects are managed by forming project teams with targeted charters. Team representatives are from the RFCs, Region Headquarters, National Headquarters (OHD, OCWWS, OST, etc.), or NCEP as appropriate. Work is coordinated mainly through conference calls although face-to-face meetings are sometimes required. The RDM coordinates, tracks, and reports on progress for each team. Reporting is done through quarterly reports, the OHD monthly report to the NWS Directory, and team postings on the RDM website.

The status of the original teams started in FY2001 is:

Site Specific Hydrologic Model - delivered application to AWIPS for Build 5.1.2 - 6/01

Sharing Local Applications - delivered Developing and Sharing Local Applications Process - 9/01

RFC River Forecast Verification - produced final report - 11/01

RFC Archive Database Design - produced requirements and design documents - 11/01

The RDM activity had a successful first year. The teams tackled some of the toughest long-standing issues in the NWS hydrologic community and came to agreements on first steps and pathways for improvement. The FY2002 projects include the RFC Archive Database Implementation Team to carry out the plan recommended by the design team (above) and deliver it to AWIPS. Successful deployment of the RFC Archive Database in AWIPS depends on an unfunded request submitted to the CFO for consideration by the NWS Corporate Board. Details of this unfunded request will be briefed at the Corporate Board meeting in February, 2002.

To continue with this successful program, we ask for continued NWS Corporate Board support. Some of the challenges associated with the culture change still facing RDM include commitment of resources (both time and money), more effective communication, remote collaboration, appropriate level of accountability with minimal bureaucracy, and measuring benefits.

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