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                                          TEAM CHARTER

                                 Team for Hydraulic Model Evaluation

Vision: Provide software options for modeling hydraulic conditions in a forecasting environment.

Mission: Evaluate selected hydraulic models to determine their capabilities and limitations in the technical area as well as their feasibility for implementation into NWSRFS operations. The models will be tested for different data sets, providing a range of hydraulic conditions and different degrees of complexity. They will be reviewed against criteria to determine scientific suitability.

Scope of Authority/Limitations

  • Basis for decisions will be decided on by the team (majority, consensus, other).
  • Team will evaluate the following hydraulic models: FLDWAV, HEC-RAS, DELFT, MIKE-11 and/or MIKE-21.
  • Team will generate HOSIP documents for SON and CONOPS
  • Team will select the sets of data to be tested.
  • Team will develop the evaluation criteria.
  • Team will evaluate the technical and operational suitability of the models
  • Access to test software will be provided to the team
  • Team will determine the meeting requirements during the evaluation
  • Pending approval of OHD Director, travel expenses will be covered with AHPS funds
  • Team will present a preliminary draft of the time frame for the different activities.
  • Team will provide a report summarizing the findings and recommendations about the software(s) for hydraulic modeling the RFCs could use in their operations.

Termination Date: The team will be formed and commence activities by June 1, 2006 and complete their work no later than June 1, 2007.

Success Criteria/Deliverables:
Deliver a report summarizing the findings and recommendations that includes a list of hydraulic models suitable for forecasting stages and/or flows to be used as possible addition to or instead of FLDWAV. Documentation will be developed for stages 1, 2,and 3 of the HOSIP process.

Team membership: The team will be made up of at least four regional representatives two from the OHD, and one from the OCWWS/HSD. The team leader will be Reggina Cabrera. Additional personnel from the Regions or Headquarters may participate as resources without being official members of the team.

Team members:
NERFC          Ed Capone                  Senior Hydrologist
CNRFC          Thea Minsk                 Hydrologist
WFO             Brian Astifan               Service Hydrologist, Cleveland, Ohio
ABRFC         Janet McCormick         Hydrologist
NCRFC         John Halquist               DOH
NWRFC        Don Laurine                 DOH
OHRFC         Lori Schultz                 Hydrologist
WGRFC        Michael Shultz             Hydrologist
OHD             Sanja Perica                Hydrologist
OHD             Reggina Cabrera          Hydraulic Group Leader

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