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Generic Team Charter
Hydrology Program Core Goal Teams

Vision: Maximize NOAA Hydrology Program resources to effectively and efficiently develop and deploy modernized hydrologic services which satisfy partner and customer needs.

Mission: Develop theme-specific FY09 work plans for the development/implementation of Hydrology Program (HP) enhanced services. Plans should be based on an assessment of what tasks need to be completed, and in what order, to address ARC-approved Hydrology Program Core Goal priorities. The plan should satisfy theme area requirements/formal ideas documented in the HOSIP database.

Resources which should be used in the development of an annual work plan include the NOAA Hydrology Program Manager's (NHPM) Annual Guidance Memorandum (AGM), the OHD Strategic Science Plan, input from team members and technical representatives, user feedback (surveys, AHPS web page comments, and other outreach activities), and HOSIP/OSIP documents associated with current projects that are planned to be extended. These resources, along with a work plan template, are available at the RFC Development Management web site:

Work plans will be integrated by the AHPS Program Coordinator (APC), reviewed by the ARC, and approved by the NOAA Hydrology Program Manager (NHPM). Teams should accomplish the following activities when preparing a work plan:

  • Review status of ongoing projects
    • Review, and update if necessary, HOSIP/OSIP documentation
  • Identify potential new projects
    • Review requirements/formal ideas documented in the HOSIP database
    • Develop initial HOSIP/OSIP documents - SON, NID, Concept of Operations, Business case information
  • Develop deliverables, cost, and schedule information
  • Identify dependencies and NWS office(s) responsible for each deliverable
  • Prioritize projects

When it is necessary to use the AHPS General Services Contract to accomplish a task, coordination with the contractor (to determine cost and schedule) will be through the AHPS Program Manager or his representative. NWS offices approved to lead a task will be responsible for deliverables. The status of work plan tasks will be monitored and reported upon quarterly by the AHPS Program Office - the teams are responsible for developing the work plan, and updating it as necessary.

Scope of Authority/Limitations:

  • Recommendations must be structured to make optimal use of available resources
  • Analysis must be objective and unbiased
  • Past or current practices, and organizational allegiances among the team members, must not be allowed to influence either the evaluation or the recommendations
  • Consensus among team members, as agreed upon by each team, is required for a decision to be made or a recommendation to be adopted. (Note: Technical representatives are not voting participants)
  • Team will consult with internal and external partners and customers if necessary
  • Staff time and any necessary travel expenses will be covered by the team members' organization
  • Additional resources may be requested from the regions or national headquarters

Termination Date: FY09 theme teams will commence activities in September 2008, and remain assembled for the remainder of the FY.

Success Criteria/Deliverables:

  • Initial FY09 work plan proposals will satisfy HP program vision and be presented to OHD and OCWWS/HSD by 14 November 2008.
  • Revised work plans, based upon budget allocation targets (provided by APC) will be provided by 7 January 2009.


  • If the Congressionally enacted FY09 budget differs from the FY09 President's Budget, revise work plans to address final FY09 appropriation. Complete work plan revisions no later than 10 business days after the Congressional FY09 appropriation is released.
  • If high priority HP issues arise during FY09, the affected teams will be required to update work plans within 10 business days using guidance provided by the NHPM and the APC.

Updated: 18 September 2008

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