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rev 02/04/02 - 12/13/01

2nd Draft - Project Plan

River Forecast Center Operational Backup Using LINUX PCs

1) Introduction


Implementation of this proposal will provide complete and flexible RFC operational backup capabilities. The system will have the flexibility to be utilized for all levels and durations of operational outages. Implementation will feature RFC data ingest using typical and alternative sources, complete computational capabilities for river forecast model and other operational software applications, hydrometeorological situation monitoring and product dissemination. The system will be implemented for use locally at the RFC, locally using the co-located WFO equipment, remotely at a neighbor WFO and remotely at any location with Internet capability including other cooperating agencies facilities, RFC personnel's residences and etc.


RFC backup capabilities have never existed. There are no viable plans now under consideration. Currently, there is no backup method for providing RFC products and services due to hardware, software, communications and/or facility damage or outages at any particular RFC. The affected WFOs are simply required to continue providing normal hydrologic warnings, watches and statements with limited or no support from the RFC. The LINUX hydrology software to be delivered in AWIPS Build 5.2 (approximately April 2002) does not provide for flexible backup capabilities since it is primarily simply a platform move of existing capabilities.


Implementation will provide complete and flexible RFC backup capabilities for the first time. It seems very reasonable that before we can properly tout anything as being "advanced" in AHPS that we implement backup capability for the RFCs.

2) Significant Activity Descriptions



Cost ($)

Completion Date


FTE Equipment Other (e.g. travel, printing, supplies)
1. Beta Field Test LINUX NWSRFS Port ABRFC / OHD         Jan 2002
2. System Design Team / OHD         Mar 2002
3. Implement Initial Local RFC Configuration ABRFC         Mar 2002

4. Implement Initial Local WFO Configuration ABRFC / WFO Tulsa         Apr 2002
5. Implement Local RFC Configuration At All RFCs Team         May 2002
6. Implement Initial Remote WFO Configuration ABRFC         Jun 2002
7. Implement Local WFO Configuration At All RFCs Team / WFOs TBD         Jul 2002
8. Implement Initial Non-NWS Facility Configuration  ABRFC         Aug 2002
9. Complete Implementation At All SR RFCs Team         Sep 2002
10. Recommend National RFC Backup Methods Using PCs Team         Sep 2002

Sub-Total Costs


Total Cost


3) Deliverables - Specific deliverables from this team include the following.

a) Implement flexible RFC operational backup capability at SR RFCs using LINUX PCs including the following options.

  • Using local RFC systems with degraded AWIPS capabilities.
  • Using local WFO AWIPS and other systems capabilities.

iii) Using remote WFO AWIPS and other systems capabilities.

iv) Using non-NWS facility configuration such as laptops at local Red Cross office.

b) Recommend National RFC Backup Methods Using PCs.

4) Project Life - This project will provide the above deliverables by the end of FY 2002.

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