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                                                  Charter for
                                  NOAA's Hydrology Program
                                 Snow Science Steering Team

                                                 2006 June 2


    The management of integrated and efficient development and implementation of snow analysis and modeling enhancements which optimally serve the needs of NOAA's Hydrology Program and its customers.


  • Provide NOAA's Hydrology Program planning, direction, leadership, and control for all snow science development, implementation, and enhancement activities for the Office of Hydrologic Development (OHD) and the National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center (NOHRSC).
  • Ensure the preparation and prioritization of requirements for applied snow science and related system development activities and ensure the quantification and justification of these requirements in support of planning, programming, and execution decisions.

Scope of Authority/Limitations:

  • This team operates under the authority of the Director, Office of Hydrologic Development, and NOAA's Hydrology Program Manager.
  • Recommendations must be scientifically sound, efficient, and cost effective.
  • Analyses must be objective and unbiased.
  • Past or current practices, and organizational allegiances among the team members, will not influence either the evaluation or the recommendations.
  • The team will consult with internal and external partners and customers as needed.
  • Consensus among team members, as agreed upon by the team, is required for a team decision or recommendation. In situations where the team cannot achieve consensus, and a decision must be made to move the team's activities forward, NOAA's Hydrology Program Manager will adjudicate the impasse.

Commencement Date:

    The team will be formed and commence activities by July 1, 2006. The Snow Science Steering Team is a standing team with no set termination date.

Success Criteria/ Deliverables:

    Task plans and assignments required for applied snow science and related system development activities for the Hydrologic Science and Modeling Branch (HSMB) and the NOHRSC.

Team Membership:

  • Team Leader, Tom Carroll, Director, NOHRSC representing management responsibility for NOHRSC.
  • Geoff Bonnin, Chief, Hydrologic Science and Modeling Branch representing management responsibility for HSMB
  • Pedro Restrepo, OHD Senior Scientist in the role of OHD Senior Scientist
  • Don Laurine, Chair, DOH Science Steering Team, representing the collective feedback and requirements of the RFCs.

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