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Software Acceptance Testing

April 2010

Forecasters from CAT RFCs NWRFC and NERFC conducted further testing of the Interactive Forecast Display (IFD) during Software Acceptance Testing (SAT) in March. This latest version of the CHPS interface provides enhanced performance as well as some greatly anticipated functionality. We did experience some issues concerning consistency of environments between the RFCs, the NHOR, and the test system in Delft; in the coming months we will take steps to configure the NHOR machine in Silver Spring to more accurately reflect one of the CAT RFCs.

January 2010

During the SAT at OHD on December 7-11, forecasters from NWRFC and NERFC conducted further testing of the IFD. The latest version provided significant enhancements to the previous release which was distributed in September, and which formed the basis for CAT RFC forecaster training. Work on the IFD continues, with limited changes (primarily bug fixes, and some remaining missing functionality) expected in a late January release. Joe Ostrowski from MARFC (a CAT-II RFC) also participated in this SAT.

October 2009

During this quarter, HSEB hosted CHPS formal testing sessions in September. These tests demonstrated that the CHPS BOC I models produced equivalent results as the NWSRFS counterparts. At the conclusion of the September tests, OHD CHPS Release 2.0.1 was disseminated to the CAT RFCs for their use in starting CHPS parallel execution.

During the Software Acceptance Test (SAT) at OHD on September 21-23, forecasters from NWRFC, NERFC, CNRFC, and ABRFC conducted further tests of the new Interactive Forecast Displays (IFD). Work on the IFD continues, with the majority of all changes expected in the November release (scheduled for SAT the week of December 7).

During the SAT, OHD also hosted a visit from Dr. Jack Hayes, Director NWS.

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