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Data Collection

         The collection of the data for the 200 basins will be facilitated through the CSEs as a first point of contact. To obtain the necessary global coverage, the auspices of IAHS, the WMO Commission for Hydrology and Hydrology and the Water Resources De partment,other UN specialized agencies and the Global Runoff Data Center will be used to either provide the data or to contact theappropriate regional and/or country meteorological and hydrological agencies and any regional/country projects/experimental basins.

      Data collection will be phased over three years and will take account of the relative stages of the current CSEs and the likelihood of existing or readily available data sets. The required basin data are known to exist in a number of countries/areas and have already been offered to the project. Arrangements for the selection of the basins and the collection of the data will be made by written, voice and direct contact, as appropriate.  

Data Sources

        Data sets for basins in the USA are organized into groups by area of responsibility of the National Weather Service (NWS) River Forecast Centers (RFC's). A separate web page for each RFC provides maps showing the locations of the study basins within each RFC area. Also, individual maps are available for many of the basins showing the locations of precipitation gages, streams and basin boundaries.

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Data Requirements

Data Types 

Data Available

Data Dissemination

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