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Marine Forecasts
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National Weather Service Marine Forecasts

Marine Forecast Offices and Centers Marine Forecast Offices & Centers provide links to their products as well as additional regionally focused information. Click on map for links.

Beware of hypothermia during these cooler months. Did you know your body can cool 25 times faster in water than in air? That water does not need to be very cold to endanger you?

What is a "Marine Zone Forecast"?
What is a "Marine Point Forecast"?

How can I get a marine forecast via zip, city, or lat/lon?

Did you know that the height of some individual waves may be twice the height of the forecast seas? And may present an even greater danger near shore or any shallow waters?



National Weather Service marine forecast and warning products are available though a number of different mass media outlets including TV, social media, smart devices and radio. Many TV, radio and satellite stations receive and disseminate severe weather warning information when the NWS activates the Emergency Alert System (EAS).

Many mobile carriers send NWS alerts of severe weather through Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) messages.

NWS uses social media tools to educate the public and share critical weather information.

In the state of Alaska, the National Weather Service partners with Alaska Public Media, KUAC-TV, 360 North and the Alaska Public Broadcasting’s Alaska Rural Communications Service (ARCS) to produce the state-wide public television show "Alaska Weather," and an associated radio broadcast. Click HERE for information on the shows as well as images of weather maps produced for the TV show.

Mass media outlets most often obtain up-to-the-minute NWS forecasts using the NOAA Weather Wire Service (NWWS).

National Weather Service
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Marine, Tropical, and Tsunami Services Branch (W/AFS26)
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