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Marine Forecasts
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National Weather Service Marine Forecasts

Marine Forecast Offices and Centers Marine Forecast Offices & Centers provide links to their products as well as additional regionally focused information. Click on map for links.

Beware of hypothermia during these cooler months. Did you know your body can cool 25 times faster in water than in air? That water does not need to be very cold to endanger you?

What is a "Marine Zone Forecast"?
What is a "Marine Point Forecast"?

How can I get a marine forecast via zip, city, or lat/lon?

Did you know that the height of some individual waves may be twice the height of the forecast seas? And may present an even greater danger near shore or any shallow waters?



The NOAAPORT broadcast system provides a one-way broadcast communication of NOAA environmental data and information in near-real time to NOAA and external users. This broadcast is implemented by a commercial provider of satellite communications utilizing the C-band. It's primary purpose is for providing internal communications within the National Weather Service and for providing forecasts, warnings and other products to the mass media (newspapers, radio stations, TV, etc.), emergency management agencies, and private weather services.

The NOAAPORT satellite communications system is operated by GTE Corp., under contract to the NWS. The system uses satellite transmitting (i.e. "uplink") equipment at NWS forecast offices throughout the continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Each uplink site transmits NWS-generated weather information products which are then re-broadcasted via satellite to users.

The NOAAPORT Data Characteristics Page lists products available via NOAAPORT. The products available are determined by current weather patterns. More than 6,400 individual products per day are transmitted. To use the system, users must obtain the equipment needed to receive the data broadcast. The NOAAPORT Manufacturers List lists companies who are manufacturers of NOAAPORT receive equipment. Receiving systems for mobile platforms such as ships are not readily available.

As the NWS modernizes, it anticipates little change to this satellite system. NWS may reconfigure the number and location of its satellite uplink sites, but these changes should be transparent to subscribers.

The NWS expects, however, that modernizing operations will be matched with a significant growth in the total number of weather products available. As part of the transition to modernized operations, the NWS is investigating the feasibility of using the NOAAPORT to transmit greater numbers of forecasts and warnings in graphical form to users for direct display on computer terminals.

NOAAPORT Contacts for External Users:

External User's Contact for NOAAPORT Data and Products:
Data Management
NWS Office of Operational Systems (OPS31)
Phone: 301-713-0864


External User's Contact for NOAAPORT Systems
Engineering Information:
Jami Casamento
NWS Office of Science & Technology
Phone: 301-713-1570


National Weather Service
Analyze, Forecast, and Support Office
Marine, Tropical, and Tsunami Services Branch (W/AFS26)
Last modified: Apr 15, 2015
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