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Public Information Statement: Corrected

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

242 PM EDT Thu Nov 4 2010


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From:      Therese Z. Pierce

           Chief, Marine and Coastal Weather Services 



Subject:   Corrected: Soliciting Public Comments on 

           Experimental Use of Bulleted Coastal/Lakeshore

           Hazard Message (CFW) and Marine Weather Message

           (MWW) Products through May 31, 2011


Corrected to add time reference for this implementation. 


Beginning 1800 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), Wednesday December 1, 2010, NWS Weather Forecast Offices (WFO) with marine responsibility across the Continental United States (CONUS) and outside the CONUS will issue CFW and MWW products using an experimental bulleted format. The experimental period will end May 31, 2011. Comments should be submitted at the following web address:  


The experimental bulleted format is similar to the format for severe thunderstorm and flash flood warnings. The bulleted format is intended to make it easier to quickly gather vital information during hazardous weather events. During the experimental period, WFOs may temporarily revert back to the current, non-bulleted format, to maintain mission critical warning services.


A Product Description Document for these experimental products, with examples of bulleted CFW and MWW products, is online at:



A list of all coastal and Great Lakes WFOs is online at:


At the close of the public comment period, NWS will evaluate comments to determine whether to proceed with a national implementation of bulleted CFW and MWW products.


If you have comments or questions regarding this public information statement, please contact:


David Soroka

National Weather Service

Marine and Coastal Weather Services Branch

1325 East West Highway

Silver Spring , MD 20910



National Public Information Statements are online at: