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Public Information Statement

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

1220 PM EDT Mon Jul 23 2012  


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FROM:   Mark Tew

          Chief, Marine and Coastal Weather Services Branch


SUBJECT:  Comments Sought through June 30, 2013 on New Webpage

          for Forecast and Observed Wave Information


NWS is seeking comments through June 30, 2013, on an experimental

marine Webpage. The NWS Weather Forecast Office (WFO) in Eureka,

CA, has developed a graphical vector plot of predefined point

guidance for up to six wave systems (direction, height, and

period) and wind (direction, speed) through a 5-day period at 

6- hourly increments. If the point is associated with a buoy

location, the previous 24 hour observations, partitioned in the

same manner as the forecast waves, are plotted in 3 hour

intervals. The forecast wave information is from the partitioned

Simulating Waves Nearshore (SWAN) model output. The wind is

forecaster derived.


NWS marine users can use the Hanson Plots to quickly assess the

wind and sea conditions out to 5 days. The Webpage highlights

trends in the conditions and helps users obtain favorable and

hazardous conditions.


Because observed buoy data is also presented in the same format,

users can evaluate the current conditions and forecast conditions

at the same time. Users also can assess how the forecast is

performing in the near term relative to current conditions

because both views are on a plot for locations that have buoys. 

NWS forecasters also use the Hanson Plots to determine which sets

of wave data (up to a maximum of six individual wave systems)

will be used as initial guidance for the official gridded



To view the Hanson Plots, see


For a description of this new product, see


To provide feedback, see

The feedback period will run through June 30, 2013.  At the end

of the feedback period this product will be considered for

national implementation.


Feedback, and questions, can also be sent to:


Troy Nicolini

Warning Coordination Meteorologist

National Weather Service/Eureka

Eureka, CA 95501-6000

Phone: 707-443-0574



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