Public Information Notice, Comment Request

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

348 PM EST Thu Jan 3  2013


To:       Subscribers:

          - Family of Services

          - NOAA Weather Wire Service

          - Emergency Managers Weather Information Network

          - NOAAPORT

          Other NWS partners and NWS employees


From:     Eli Jacks

          Chief, Fire and Public Weather Services Branch


Subject:  Soliciting Comments through May 31, 2013, on an

          Experimental National Digital Forecast Database Map



NWS is accepting comments through May 31, 2013, on an

experimental National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD) map viewer

online at:


Partners and users may view NDFD information for both the CONUS

(experimental 2.5 km grid resolution) and OCONUS (current

operational grid resolution) by using the drop down menu.


This proposed map viewer is in response to numerous comments and

suggestions for more efficient and effective data display and

interaction.  The proposed map viewer takes advantage of the

capabilities of modern web browsers and enables users to

interactively zoom and roam NDFD forecast grids.


Static images of NDFD grids at current operational resolution

will remain available at:


NWS partners and users are encouraged to provide feedback via a

comment link at the top of the experimental NDFD map viewer or

directly at:


Further information regarding this experimental map viewer is

available in a Product Description Document online at:


For technical questions, please contact:


  David Ruth

  Mesoscale Prediction Branch Chief

  NOAA/NWS Office of Science and Technology

  Silver Spring, Maryland


For general questions about this notice, or policy questions

regarding this experimental web service, please contact:


  Andy Horvitz

  National Weather Service

  Office of Climate, Water and Weather Services

  Silver Spring, Maryland 20910


Technical Implementation Notices specifically related to NDFD are

online at:


National Public Information Notices are online at: