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203 PM EDT Thu Oct 31 2013


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FROM:††† Anthony Siebers

†††††††† Acting Director, Ocean Prediction Center


SUBJECT: Soliciting Comments until June 3, 2014 on an

†††††††† Experimental Lightning Strike Density product

†††††††† (Offshore Waters)


The NWS National Centers for Environmental Predictionís (NCEP)

Ocean Prediction Center (OPC) is accepting comments until June

30, 2014, on an experimental gridded lightning strike density



Thunderstorm activity at sea can have significant impacts to the

safety of mariners and impact operations. Presently, only

satellite imagery gives mariners at sea an indication of

thunderstorm activity beyond the NWS WSR-88D weather radar

coverage. Satellite imagery provides the large scale view but

does not provide definitive information concerning whether a

particular cloud system is producing lightning.


The purpose of this product is to enhance awareness of developing

and transitory thunderstorm activity by giving users the ability

to determine whether a cloud system is producing lightning, if

that activity is increasing or decreasing, and to emulate the

future GOES-R Global Lightning Mapper (GLM) data.


The Experimental Lightning Strike Density product produced by OPC

will be available in gridded form (GRIB2) and also have

complementary web images. The base data uses the Vaisala GLD360

land based detection system. The experimental gridded product is

considered a derived product and is therefore acceptable for

distribution to the public. The product contains the number of

lightning strikes per square meter per second. Users should

remember that a lightning flash may be comprised of several or

many cloud-to-ground strikes.

GRIB2 data will be available on the OPC FTP server, accessible

via FTP and HTTP protocols:




Graphical images of the gridded product with GOES satellite

visible and IR satellite imagery will be available on the

Atlantic and Pacific pages of the Ocean Prediction Center web

page at:


Please fill out a short survey at the following link:


To provide comments or request more information contact:



†††† 301-683-1495


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