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Service Change Notice 10-50
National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC
924 AM EST Tue Nov 23 2010
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From:      Therese Z. Pierce

           Chief, Marine and Coastal Services Branch


Subject:   New Marine Zones for the Niagara River Effective

           April 5, 2011


Effective Tuesday, April 5, 2011 at 200 PM Eastern Daylight

Time (EDT) or 1800 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) the

NWS Weather Forecast Office in Buffalo , NY , will segment

its current marine forecast for the Niagara River . This will

result in changes to marine zone boundaries, marine zone names,

and marine zone Universal Geographic Codes (UGC).  These

changes will allow WFO Buffalo to provide more area specific

marine weather forecasts, watches, warnings, and advisories

for the Niagara River .


On April 5, 2011, the current marine zone LEZ020 Upper

Niagara River and Buffalo Harbor will be split at Niagara
into Upper Niagara River (marine zone LEZ020) and
Lower Niagara River
(marine zone LOZ030).


Table 1 lists all of the products issued by WFO Buffalo 
that will be affected by the marine zone changes.  Table 2 
shows the WFO Buffalo marine zone changes for the Niagara 
effective April 5, 2011.


Table 1.  WFO Buffalo products affected by the changes

effective April 5, 2011.


Product name                    WMO heading AWIPS ID

Nearshore Marine Forecast       FZUS51 KBUF  NSHBUF

Special Marine Warning          WHUS51 KBUF SMWBUF

Marine Weather Statement        FZUS71 KBUF MWSBUF

Marine Weather Message          WHUS71 KBUF MWWBUF

Watch County Notification       WWUS61 KBUF WCNBUF

Hazardous Weather Outlook       FLUS41 KBUF  HWOBUF       


Table 2.  WFO Buffalo marine zone changes for the 
Niagara River
effective April 5, 2011.

Zone (Z) form of the UGC and marine forecast zone name/numbers for WFO Buffalo users:


New Zone name         New UGC    Old Zone Name      Old UGC


Upper Niagara River   LEZ020   Upper Niagara River   LEZ020

 and Buffalo Harbor              and Buffalo Harbor

Lower Niagara River   LOZ030   Upper Niagara River   LEZ020

                                and Buffalo Harbor


No other marine zones in WFO Buffalo’s marine area of responsibility are affected by this change.


A graphical depiction of the marine forecast zone changes is online at:


Customers must reprogram affected hardware and software to continue to correctly process the products in Table 1.


Customers providing NWS graphic marine forecasts must download an updated marine zone map shapefile.  The updated shapefile is available for download from the following website:


If you have any questions or comments please contact:


Judy Levan                      Mark Willis

NWS Buffalo                      NWS Eastern Region HQ

587 Aero Drive                   630 Johnson Avenue

Cheektowaga , NY 14225-1405       Bohemia , NY 11716-2618

716-565-0204 x223               631-244-0122 


National Service Change Notices are online at: