NOUS41 KWBC 081356
Service Change Notice 12-18
National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC
955 AM EDT Tue May 8 2012
To:       Subscribers:
          -Family of Services
          -NOAA Weather Wire Service
          -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network
          Other NWS Partners and NWS Employees
From:     Mark A. Tew
          Chief, Marine and Coastal Weather Services Branch
          Eli Jacks
          Chief, Fire and Public Weather Services Branch
Subject:   Winyah Bay, South Carolina, will transfer from a
           Marine Zone to Fire and Public Zones Effective 
           June 7, 2012
Effective Thursday, June 7, 2012, at 2 PM Eastern Daylight 
Time (EDT), 1800 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), the NWS 
Weather Forecast Office (WFO) in Wilmington, NC, will transfer 
Winyah Bay from a marine zone (AMZ256) to fire (SCZ056) and 
public (SCZ056) zones.  Winyah Bay is largely closed off from 
the Atlantic Ocean and its weather is more like the adjacent 
fire and public zones than the marine zone it is currently in.


The modified zones are listed in Tables 1 and 2 below.  WFO

Wilmington will continue to issue forecasts and warnings

for the modified zones in Tables 1 and 2 via the products

in Table 3.


Table 1.  Marine zone being modified.  The zone name and

Universal Geographic Codes (UGCs) will not change.


Modified Marine Zone Name      UGC      Comment

-------------------------      ---      -------

Coastal Waters from Murrells   AMZ256   Removes Winyah Bay

Inlet to South Santee River,

SC, out 20 NM


Table 2.  Fire and Public zones being modified.  The zone

names and UGCs will not change.


Modified Fire Zone Name        UGC      Comment

-----------------------        ---      -------

Coastal Georgetown             SCZ056   Now includes Winyah Bay


Modified Public Zone Name      UGC      Comment

-------------------------      ---      ------

Coastal Georgetown             SCZ056   Now includes Winyah Bay


This change also affects WFO Wilmington’s County and County

Warning Area (CWA) shapefiles.


Customers providing NWS forecasts must download updated map shapefiles

to correctly provide forecasts for Winyah Bay, available online at:


A graphical depiction of this change is also available at:


Table 3.  NWS text products affected by the WFO ILM transfer

of Winyah Bay from marine zone AMZ256 to fire and pubic zones SCZ056.


Product Name                   WMO Heading    AWIPS ID

------------                   -----------    --------

Coastal Waters Forecast        FZUS52 KILM    CWFILM

Marine Weather Message         WHUS72 KILM    MWWILM

Special Marine Warning         WHUS52 KILM    SMWILM

Marine Weather Statement       FZUS72 KILM    MWSILM

Hurricane Local Statement      WTUS82 KILM    HLSILM

Hazardous Weather Outlook      FLUS42 KILM    HWOILM

Watch County Notification      WWUS62 KILM    WCNILM

Coastal Hazard Message         WHUS42 KILM    CFWILM

Severe Thunderstorm Warning    WUUS52 KILM    SVRILM

Tornado Warning                WFUS52 KILM    TORILM

Severe Weather Statement       WWUS52 KILM    SVSILM

Special Weather Statement      WWUS82 KILM    SPSILM

Zone Forecast                  FPUS52 KILM    ZFPILM

Short Term Forecast            FPUS72 KILM    NOWILM

Tsunami Message                WEXX20 PAAQ    TSUAT1

Fire Weather Forecast          FNUS52 KILM    FWFILM

Red Flag Watch/Warning         WWUS82 KILM    RFWILM

Watch Outline Update           WOUS64 KWNS    WOUn (n=1-9)

Surf Zone Forecast             FZUS52 KILM    SRFILM


Users do not have to take any action to continue

receiving these text products.


If you have any questions or comments about this

reconfiguration of marine, fire and public weather zones

please contact:


  Steven Pfaff

  Warning Coordination Meteorologist

  WFO Wilmington, NC

  Wilmington, NC 28405-6858

  910-762-0524 x223


National Weather Service Change Notices are online at: