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Service Change Notice 12-32

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

215 PM EDT Tue Sep 25 2012


To:      Subscribers:

         -Family of Services

         -NOAA Weather Wire Service

         -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


         Other NWS partners and NWS employees


From:    Peter Stone

         Chief, Oceanographic Division

         NOS Center for Operational Oceanographic

         Products and Services (CO-OPS)


Subject: NOS/CO-OPS to Change SHEF and CREX Bulletins

         Effective October 24, 2012.


Effective October 24, 2012, at 1500 Coordinated Universal Time

(UTC), NOS/CO-OPS will implement the following changes: 


- Update the source code for Astronomical Tide Standard

Hydrologic Exchange Format (SHEF) Bulletins from HMIFZ to HMIFA


- Change the time zone of the Great Lakes water level and

meteorological Character form for the Representation and EXchange

of Data(CREX) bulletin data


- Change CREX observed data bulletins for the Great Lakes

stations so that data are provided in UTC to adhere with World

Meteorological Organization (WMO) standards.  Data had been

issued in Local Standard Time (LST) previous to this change. 

Great Lakes observed data SHEF bulletins will remain in LST to

accommodate user needs. 


Information about NOS/CO-OPS Products and Services is online at


For questions concerning these changes, please contact:


Kathleen Bailey


Silver Spring, MD




For general questions on CO-OPS products and services, contact:


Todd Ehret

NOS/CO-OPS/User Services Team

Silver Spring, MD




National Service Change Notices are online at: