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Service Change Notices 12-38

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

147 PM EDT Wed Oct 31 2012


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Other NWS Partners, Users and Employees


FROM:    Mark Tew

    Chief, Marine and Coastal Weather Services Branch


SUBJECT: Removal of Experimental Southeastern U.S./Gulf of 

         Mexico Marine Weather Portal on November 30, 2012


Effective Friday, November 30, 2012, NWS will discontinue the experimental Southeastern United States/Gulf of Mexico Marine Weather Portal. This portal currently is online at:


The portal has been operating in a degraded status since contract support for the site ended last year. In addition, the operating platform and data layers are outdated and thus are no longer reliable. 


Please send comments to:


David Soroka

NWS Marine Program Manager

Marine and Coastal Weather Services Branch

Silver Spring, MD 20910

301-713-1677 X 111


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