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Service Change Notice 13-41

National Ocean Service Headquarters Washington DC

1136 AM EDT Mon Jul 8 2013

Relayed by the National Weather Service Headquarters


To:         Subscribers:

            -Family of Services

            -NOAA Weather Wire Service

            -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


            Other NWS partners and NWS employees


From:       Peter Stone

            Chief, Oceanographic Division

            National Ocean Service (NOS) Center for Operational

            Oceanographic Products and Services (CO-OPS)


Subject:    NOS/CO-OPS is implementing new Character form for the

            Representation and EXchange of Data (CREX) Products,

            Effective August 7, 2013.


Effective August 7, 2013 at 1500 Coordinated Universal Time

(UTC), CO-OPS will release CREX messages containing 1-minute

water level data (total water levels) from approximately 200

water level stations around the U.S. Coast, including ocean

islands. These products are transmitted every 3 minutes on the

Global Telecommunications System (GTS) and will not be ingested

by AWIPS. The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) headers for

these 1-minute water level data products are:


SZNT31 KWBC (Atlantic Coast)

SZGX32 KWBC (Gulf Coast)

SZCA33 KWBC (Caribbean Islands)

SZPZ34 KWBC (Pacific Coast)

SZAK35 KWBC (Alaska Coast)

SZHW36 KWBC (Hawaii)

SZPA37 KWBC (Pacific Islands)


Effective August 7, 2013, 1500 UTC, CO-OPS will release CREX

products containing 6-minute water level data and residuals

(total water level minus astronomical tide) from approximately

300 water level stations, which includes the Great Lakes.  These

messages will be released every 6 minutes on the GTS and will not

be ingested by AWIPS. Every 30 minutes, CO-OPS will also release

a supplemental meteorological message containing wind speed and

direction, air temperature and barometric pressure collected at

the water level stations.  WMO headers for these 6-minute water

level and 30-minute meteorological data products are:


KSAA30 KWBC, Atlantic Coast (0-90 W Northern Hemisphere)

KSAA31 KWBC, Gulf Coast (0-90 W Northern Hemisphere)

KSAA32 KWBC, Great Lakes (0-90 W Northern Hemisphere)

KSAB30 KWBC, Great Lakes (90 W - 180 Northern Hemisphere)

KSAB31 KWBC, Gulf Coast (90 W - 180 Northern Hemisphere)

KSAB32 KWBC, Pacific Coast

KSAB33 KWBC, Alaska

KSAE30 KWBC, Caribbean Islands     

KSAF30 KWBC, Hawaii

KSAG30 KWBC, Pacific Islands (180 - 90 E Tropical)

KSAJ30 KWBC, Pacific Islands (90 - 180 Southern Hemisphere)


All messages will use Edition 1 formats.


The 1-minute water level messages use sequence identifier B22038

(water level elevation) replicated 6 times.


The 6-minute messages use D06025, which includes B22038 and

B22039 (residual).  Meteorological messages use D06021. 


All bulletins contain latitude/longitude information using

D01021.  All stations are identified by the same identifier that

CO-OPS uses in its Standard Hydrometeorological Exchange Format

(SHEF) messages.  


The identifier is a NWS Location Identifier (NWSLI), but is

referred to as a “SHEF ID” in NOS applications.  You can map the

SHEF ID to the 7-digit NOS identifier Web Services Active

Stations XML query:


Effective September 30, 2013 at 1500 UTC, CO-OPS will discontinue

the existing hourly CREX bulletins distributed under the WMO

headers SOUS5i, SOAK5i, and SOPA5i KWBC. 


Information about NOS/CO-OPS Products and Services can be found



The WMO Manual on Codes that describes CREX formats can be found



For questions concerning these changes, please contact:


Kathleen Bailey


Silver Spring, MD



For general questions on CO-OPS products and services, contact:


Todd Ehret

NOS/CO-OPS/User Services Team

Silver Spring, MD



National Service Change Notices are online at: