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Service Change Notice 14-60

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

315 EST Fri Nov 21 2014


To:       Subscribers:

          -Family of Services

          -NOAA Weather Wire Service

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          Other NWS Partners and NWS Employees


From:     Eli Jacks

          Chief, Fire and Public Weather Services Branch


Subject:  Changes in Fire and Public Weather Forecast Zones for

          Orange and Riverside Counties, CA, effective

          February 4, 2015


Effective February 4, 2015, at 1000 AM Pacific Standard Time,

1800 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), the NWS Weather Forecast

Office in San Diego, CA, (WFO SGX) will divide the existing

Orange County, CA, fire/public zone into an immediate coastal

zone and an inland zone.


The additional inland zone will allow for improvement and more

accurate depiction of the significant temperature and humidity

differences observed between the coast and the inland plains and

better depict the threat for Santa Ana wind impacts and fire

weather danger in Orange County.


In addition, a new fire/public zone will be created for the San

Gorgonio Pass near Banning, CA. This region, between two large

mountain ranges of the San Bernardino Mountains to the north and

the San Jacinto Mountains to the south, is known for high winds.

The new zone will allow for better hazard distinction during wind

episodes which may not affect the Coachella Valley's major cities

such as Palm Springs.


Upon implementation of this change, fire and public forecasts and

related products for Orange County and the San Gorgonio Pass will

use the zone numbers and names shown below:


WFO San Diego, CA Fire/Public Forecast Zones


Zone Code                 Fire/Public Zone Name

-------------             ---------------------


CAZ042 (Public)           Orange County Coastal

CAZ242 (Fire)


This zone boundary will change. It will now cover the immediate

coastal region including beaches and coastal cities west of I-405

and extreme southern portion of I-5


CAZ049 (Public)           Orange County Inland

CAZ249 (Fire)


This new zone will include inland coastal valleys and plains of

Orange County, mainly east of I-405 and including most of the I-5



CAZ065 (Public)           San Gorgonio Pass near Banning

CAZ265 (Fire)


This new zone will cover the entire San Gorgonio Pass, separated

by large mountain peaks to the north and south, which connects

the Inland Empire and Coachella Valley along I-10.


Updated fire and public zone shapefiles are online at:


For more information, please contact:


  Roger Pierce



  Alexander Tardy 

  Warning Coordination Meteorologist


Weather Forecast Office

San Diego, CA 92127-1643



National Service Change Notices are online at: