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Service Change Notice 15-46: Corrected

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

155 PM EDT Thu Sep 3 2015


To:          Subscribers:

             -Family of Services

             -NOAA Weather Wire Service

             -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


             Other NWS Partners and Employees


From:        Michael Dion

             Acting Chief, Marine, Tropical, and Tsunami Services



Subject:     Corrected: Changes to Alaska Sea Ice Maps Effective

             October 1, 2015


Corrected the three-letter identifier for Anchorage in the first

paragraph, first sentence.


Effective Thursday, October 1, 2015, at 4:00 AM Alaska Daylight

Time (AKDT), 8:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), or 1200

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), the National Weather Service

(NWS) Weather Forecast Office (WFO) in Anchorage, Alaska (AFC),

will begin issuing sea ice analysis and forecast maps that meet

World Meteorological Organization (WMO) standards.  The analysis

maps will be issued daily, while the forecast maps will be issued

each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


The area of analysis will change to match exclusive economic zone

boundaries.  There will no longer be an analysis east of 135

degrees W longitude in the Beaufort Sea.  The analysis along

Kamchatka Peninsula south of the Gulf of Anadyr will no longer be

issued as well.


Additionally, the following changes will be made to the existing

maps.  Table 1 shows the current sea ice maps while Table 2 shows

the new sea ice maps:


Table 1:  Current Alaska sea ice maps:


-  Full area sea ice analysis (marine fax, black and white, and


-  Cook Inlet sea ice analysis (marine fax, black and white).

-  Full area sea ice forecast (marine fax, black and white) with

   a forecast for the sea ice edge only.

-  Sea surface temperature analysis.

-  Sea ice shapefile, with sea ice concentration and thickness.


Table 2:  New Alaska sea ice maps:


-  Full area sea ice analysis (marine fax, concentration in WMO

   standard colors, and WMO stage in standard colors).

-  Cook Inlet sea ice analysis will be available year-round.  The

   map will be shown in WMO standard colors for concentration and


-  Full area sea ice forecast area will be displayed as Marginal

   Ice Zone.  The forecast will be over the entire region, rather

   than just the ice edge.

-  Sea surface temperature analysis will only see cosmetic

   changes to the map.

-  Sea ice shapefile will be available in the WMO standard and

   gridded sea ice information (SIGRID) format.


A webpage comparing images of the old and new products is

available on the web at:


These sea ice and sea surface temperature maps will be available



For more information, please contact:


James Nelson

Science and Operations Officer

National Weather Service

WFO Anchorage

Anchorage, AK

(907) 266-5111


Louise Fode

Marine Program Manager

National Weather Service

WFO Anchorage

Anchorage, AK

(907) 266-5117


National Service Change Notices are online at: