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Service Change Notice 16-25

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

810 AM EDT Thu Jul 14 2016


To:      Subscribers:

         -NOAA Weather Wire Service

         -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


         Other NWS partners and NWS employees


From:    Paul Whitmore

         Director, National Tsunami Warning Center


Subject: Eliminate Tsunami EQI Products and Incorporate Content

         into TIB Products effective August 16, 2016


Effective August 16, 2016, to reduce the number of product

headers and to simplify product issuance, the content of Tsunami

Seismic Information Statements (EQI) will be incorporated into

the existing Tsunami Information Statements (TIB). Products with

headers containing EQI will be eliminated. No new products will

be created.


Product IDs to be eliminated are listed below in the "From"



From AWIPS ID  To AWIPS ID  From WMO Header  To WMO Header

-------------  -----------  ---------------  -------------

EQIAKX         TIBAK1       SEAK71 PAAQ      WEAK53 PAAQ

EQISPN         TIBSPN       SEAK81 PAAQ      WEAK63 PAAQ

EQIWOC         TIBAK1       SEUS71 PAAQ      WEAK53 PAAQ

EQISPN         TIBSPN       SEUS81 PAAQ      WEAK63 PAAQ

EQIAT1         TIBATE       SEXX60 PAAQ      WEXX32 PAAQ

EQISPN         TIBSPN       SEXX70 PAAQ      WEXX42 PAAQ

EQIGUM         TIBGUM       SEGM70 PHEB      WEGM42 PHEB

EQIPPG         TIBPPG       SEZS70 PHEB      WEZS42 PHEB

EQIHWX         TIBHWX       SEHW70 PHEB      WEHW42 PHEB

EQICAR         TIBCAR       SECA72 PHEB      WECA42 PHEB

EQISPN         TIBSPN       SECA82 PHEB      WECA52 PHEB


NTWC and PTWC Product information can be found here:


For more information, please contact:


  Paul Whitmore

  Director, National Tsunami Warning Center

  Palmer, Alaska 99645

  phone: 907-745-4212


National Service Change Notices are online at: