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Service Change Notice 17-07

National Weather Service Headquarters, Silver Spring, MD

917 AM EST Mon Jan 30 2017


To:       Subscribers:

          -NOAA Weather Wire Service

          -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


          Other NWS Partners and Employees


FROM:     Allison Allen,

          Chief, Marine, Tropical, and Tsunami Services Branch


SUBJECT:  Experimental waterspout coding to Special Marine

          Warnings (SMW) and Marine Weather Statements (MWS) for

          all marine Weather Forecast Offices (WFOs) in the

          CONUS will become Operational effective April 4, 2017


Effective Tuesday, April 4, 2017, the experimental addition of a

forecast tag labeled "WATERSPOUTS" at the bottom of Special

Marine Warnings (SMW) and Marine Weather Statements (MWS) that

follow-up SMWs will transition to operational for all marine

WFOs in the conterminous United States (CONUS) and Puerto Rico. 

The transition to operational will occur for marine WFOs in

Alaska, Hawaii, Guam and for Weather Service Office (WSO) Pago

Pago at a later date. An amended Service Change Notice will be

issued at that time.


Transitioning this experimental addition to operational will

bring these tags into conformity with how they are done within

the Severe Thunderstorm Warning product, therefore improving the

communication of crucial decision support and risk assessment

information to partners and users within the guidelines of

governing policy and the existing operational environment. 


All CONUS WFOs will now always include a tag at the end of the

SMWs and MWSs that follow-up SMWs, which designates the threat

expected:  Waterspout, Wind or Hail.


The permanent addition of Waterspout adds a plain text line

below the product after the dollar sign, dollar sign and the

LAT...LON information.


For example:


[dollar sign, dollar sign]


LAT...LON 4298 8242 4261 8252 4261 8253 4276 8248

      4294 8245

TIME...MOT...LOC 1400Z 263DEG 40KT 4284 8289 4244 8291



HAIL...[greater than].75IN



[dollar sign, dollar sign]




The additional information is also found elsewhere within the

product, simply summarized on the lines below.  If the threat

does not exist, the tag line is omitted.


For details on this product enhancement, please see:


For more information, please contact:


Richard May

Marine Meteorologist

NWS Headquarters, Silver Spring, MD 20910

(301) 427-9378


National Public Information Statements are online at: