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Program Management

How to Subscribe to Hydro Talk (the Hydro Listserver)

Stream-Gaging Program of the USGS

Post Flood Disaster Assessment Check Off List

The following are corel presentations that have been converted to html to be viewed now, there is a link on each page that has the .shw file available for download.

Data Sources and Dissemination by Fain McGough and Andy Bryant
Federal and State Local Data Networks by Fain McGough
Field Trip by Fain McGough and Steve Predmore
Discontinuing a Forecast Point by Mark Walton
Establishing a New Forecast Point (SHPM Course) by Mark Walton
Practical Exercise -- Adaptive Forecast Technique Using a Crest-to-Crest Relationship...Starting from Scratch by Mark Walton
HPMC Duty by Gregg Rishel and Michelle Schmidt
SHEF Primer by Mike Callahan
Local Development by Mark Walton

External Interactions

by Fain McGough
Interacting with River Forecast Centers (SHPM Course) by Dave Reed
Policy (SHPM Course) by Roger Pierce
A Self Help Scheme Utilizing Alert Systems by Dave Schwertz
Intro to DBAccess and SQL by Mike Callahan
Project Management (SHPM Course) by Tom Dietrich
Hydrology Overview by Hanford CA WFO
Data Collection at USGS Streamgages by USGS
Army Corp of Engineers by Ed Parker
USGS by Jim Putnam

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Analyze, Forecast and Support Office

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Last Updated: August 30, 2006