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Analyze, Support and Forecast Office

Service Hydrologist Reference Manual

Alert Systems Office of Hydrologic Development
B-43 Instructions Post Flood Service Assessments
COOP Observer Program Program Reviews

Public Hydrology Products Issued by WFOs

Dam Failure/ Potential Dam Failure RFCs - Web Sites
Data Sources on the Web Rating Curves
Drills - Examples Reports - E-3
E-19 Documentation Reports - E-5
Equipment for Collecting Streamflow Data Reports - E-5 Topics that should be covered
Establishing COOP Stations Resources for Service Hydrologists/FPs
Functions of Regional & National Headquarters River Forecast Points and Flood Stages
Functions of WFO Personnel in Hydrology River Statement - Diagram
Glossary SHEF .A Format
HADS Data SHEF .B Format
Hydrographs- Definition and Example SHEF .E Format
Hydrologic Services Division SHEF Primer
Hydrologic Services Manual SNOWTEL Data
Hydrologic Techniques - eg. Crossplots Significant Hydrologic Events- Reporting
Hydrology Program Manager -Duties Stream Gage Networks - Enhancement
Hydrology Training Options Topographic Maps
Hydrometeorological Data Quality Control VTEC for FFW/FFS
Interagency Coordination WSOM Chapters
Office Training and Examples  

National Weather Service
Analyze, Forecast and Support Office

Forecast Services Division/Water Resources Services Branch

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Last Updated: July 24, 2008