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Public Information Statement, Comment Request

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1105 AM EST Tue Jan 22 2013


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From:†††† John Derber, Acting Chief

††††††††† Global Climate and Weather Modeling Branch

††††††††† NCEP/Environmental Modeling Center

Subject:Soliciting Public Comments through February 20,††

††††††††† 2013, on the Removal of NCEPís Legacy Global

††††††††† Forecast System (GFS) Low-Resolution Products.


The National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) is

proposing to stop producing some legacy low-resolution gridded

products from the Global Forecast System (GFS), and stop

disseminating them via NOAAPORT and the NWS ftp server.The NWS

is seeking comments on this proposed change through February 20,



The operational GFS model is currently run at a resolution of

T574L64, approximately 27 km.Today output is made available

from the GFS on grids ranging in resolution from 5km up to

5 degrees latitude/longitude. Many of these legacy low-resolution

grids are available for limited forecast hours and fields, and

are not produced for all cycles of the GFS. The same information

is provided on finer-resolution grids. In addition, many of these

products have been removed from the NCEP ftp server and are only

distributed via NOAAPORT and the NWS ftp server. Removing these

legacy products will free up compute and network resources for

newer products.


Operational GFS output is distributed via NOAAPORT, the NWS FTP

server, the NOMADS system


and the NCEP ftp server.Output is available from 00-192 hours

every 3 hours and from 204-384 hours every 12 hours for the 00Z,

06Z, 12Z, 18Z cycle times. Output is available on multiple

resolutions and output grids, including 0.5 degree, 1.0 degree,

and 2.5 degree grids. A catalogue of GFS output products and

their availability on multiple ftp servers can be found at


Listed below are the gridded products available on NOAAPORT and

the NWS ftp server that NCEP is proposing to remove.


Grid†† Resolution†† Area††††††††††† Map Projection†††††††††


Family of Service (FOS) grids

#21††† 5x2.5†††††† 0-180E, 0-90N††† latitude/longitude†††

#22††† 5x2.5†††††† 180W-0, 0-90N††† latitude/longitude†††

#23††† 5x2.5†††††† 0-180E, 90S-0††† latitude/longitude†††

#24††† 5x2.5†††††† 180W-0, 90S-0††† latitude/longitude†††

#25††† 5x5†††††† ††0-355E, 0-90N††† latitude/longitude†††

#26††† 5x5†††††††† 0-355E, 90S-0††† latitude/longitude†††


AWIPS grids

#201†† 381 km†††††† N. Hemisphere†† Polar Stereographic

#202†† 190.5 km†††† CONUS†††††††††† Polar Stereographic

#203†† 190.5 km†††† Alaska††††††††† Polar Stereographic

#204†† 160 km†††††† Hawaii††††††††† Mercator

#205†† 190.5 km†††† Puerto Rico†††† Polar Stereographic


WAFS grids -- only the 00Z cycle grids for hours 96 through 168

are proposed for removal

#37††† 1.25x1.25††† 0-90N, 330-60Elatitude/longitude

#39††† 1.25x1.25††† 0-90N, 150-240E latitude/longitude

#40††† 1.25x1.25††† 0-90N, 240-330E latitude/longitude


The AWIPS grid #201 products are available on NOAAPORT in both

GRIB1 and GRIB2 format, and both are proposed for removal.More

information about the model grids listed above is available at


WMO headers for these products slated for removal are listed at:


In addition to being available on NOAAPORT, many of these grids

are available on the NWS FTP server at:




where yyyymmdd is the 4-digit year, 2-digit month, and 2-digit

day, and zz is the 2-digit model cycle.


NWS will evaluate all comments to determine whether to proceed

with this change. If approved, a TIN will be issued giving

30 days notice of the implementation date.

Send comments on this proposal to:

†† John Derber

†† NWS/NCEP Environmental Modeling Center

†† College Park, MD




†† Rebecca Cosgrove

†† NWS/NCEP Central Operations

†† College Park, MD



National Public Information Statements are online at: