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Public Information Statement, Comment Request:  Corrected

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

212 PM EST Wed Nov 25 2015


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From:    Michelle Hawkins

         Acting Chief, Marine, Tropical, and Tsunami

         Services Branch                 


Subject: Corrected:  Soliciting Comments until December 30,

         2016, on the Experimental Tampa Bay Marine Channel



Corrected for issuance date/time in header, name of branch, and

email address of Marcus Austin   


The NWS Weather Forecast Office (WFO) Tampa Bay Area is seeking

user comments on the Experimental Tampa Bay Marine Channel

Forecast through December 30, 2016.  The Tampa Bay Marine

Channel Forecast was developed as part of WFO Tampa Bay’s

Weather-Ready Nation Pilot objective.  The Marine Channel

Forecast uses local NWS digital forecast data for six of the

seven weather elements in the product: winds, gusts, waves,

weather, rain chance and hazards.  For the seventh element,

water level relative to mean sea level, Marine Channel Forecast

currently populates data from the Extra Tropical Surge and Tide

Operational Forecast System (ESTOFS) model produced by the NWS's

Ocean Prediction Center (OPC).


Forecasts are produced at 13 points along the Tampa Bay shipping

channel. These 13 points were considered by a diverse group of

mariners to be critical points of weather information along the

channel. The Marine Channel Forecast is displayed on a static

Google map with the Tampa Bay shipping channel and the forecast

points overlaid. Users may click on any forecast point to view

the forecast.


The comment period is being extended to solicit additional

comments on new enhancements to the Marine Channel Forecast. 

This includes alterations to the current layout (new tabs) and

the addition of cross section forecasts for the route.  The

Marine Channel Forecast is currently available at the

following web address:


Users are encouraged to provide feedback on this experimental

product by using the brief survey and comment form at:


or provide comments directly to


At the end of the comment period, if comments are favorable, the

Marine Channel Forecast will be evaluated for national

availability.  At that time, the NWS will then decide whether to

transition the product to operational, extend the comment period

or discontinue the product.


You may obtain more information on this product online at:


For questions regarding this notice, please contact:


Marc Austin

Senior Forecaster

NWS Tampa Bay/Ruskin FL



National Public Information Notices are online at: