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Public Information Statement 17-35

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

410 PM EST Mon Nov 6 2017


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From:†††† Kathy Gilbert

††††††††† Acting Director, Weather Prediction Center


Subject:Solicitation of comments on the Experimental National

††††††††† Forecast Chart starting November 7, 2017 through

††††††††† December 1, 2018


The National Centers for Environmental Predictionís (NCEP)

Weather Prediction Center (WPC) is soliciting comments on the

Experimental National Forecast Chart. WPC will begin issuing the

product on an experimental basis November 7, 2017. The

Experimental National Forecast Chart is an interactive graphical

interface depicting an overview of expected weather for the next

3 days, with emphasis on certain hazardous and significant



The chart contains summarized forecasts from several NCEP

Service Centers including:


-Storm Prediction Center for severe thunderstorm and tornado


-National Hurricane Center for tropical storm and hurricane


-WPC for information concerning heavy rainfall, winter weather,

and general weather


With overlaid frontal forecasts, these displays serve as an

overview of expected weather conditions through day three.


Static snapshots of the new experimental chart will also be

provided to support existing and continuing uses by NOAA and

others. These displays are intended to replace the current

legacy National Forecast Chart available at:

Starting November 7, 2017, the interactive display will be

available online at:


The electronic survey as listed on the WPC webpage can be found

at the following:


Comments regarding the Experimental National Forecast Map should

be sent to:



††††† Greg Carbin

††††† College Park, Maryland

††††† 301-683-1494



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