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Service Change Notice 16-57

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

300 PM EST Wed Dec 28 2016


To:      Subscribers:

         -NOAA Weather Wire Service

         -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


         Other NWS Partners and NWS Employees


From:    Eli Jacks

         Chief, Forecast Services Division


Subject: Use of Mixed-Case Text/95 ASCII Character Set, New

         Event Sources, and New Event Types in Preliminary Local

         Storm Reports (LSR) Effective April 26, 2017


Effective Wednesday, April 26, 2017, the Preliminary Local Storm

Report (LSR) product will transition to a mixed-case text/95

ASCII character set. Also, LSRs will use revised lists of event

sources (see Table 1) and event types (see Table 2) that

correspond to definitions contained in Storm Data. No format

changes (spacing, order, etc.) will be included with this

transition to mixed case.


Table 1:  Event Source List


911 Call Center       Emergency Mngr        Public

Airplane Pilot        Fire Dept/Rescue      Ship

Amateur Radio         Insurance Co          Social Media *

ASOS                  Law Enforcement       Storm Chaser

AWOS                  Life Guard *          Trained Spotter

Broadcast Media       Local Official *      Tribal Official *

Buoy                  Mesonet               Unknown

C-Man Station         Newspaper             Utility Company

Coast Guard           NWS Employee

CoCoRaHS              NWS Storm Survey

Co-Op Observer        Official NWS Obs

Co-OP Observer ***    Other Federal

County Official       Park/Forest Srvc

Dept of Highways


* New event source

*** Alternate spelling


One event source (Post Office) will be dropped.


Table 2: Event Type List


Astron Low Tide *      Hail                  Mrn Trop Deprsn *

Avalanche              Heat *                Mrn Trop Deprsn *

Blizzard               Heavy Rain            Mrn Trop Storm *

Coastal Flood          Heavy Snow            Rip Current **

Cold/Wind Chill *      High Surf *           Seiche

Debris Flow            High Wind **          Sleet

Dense Fog              Hurcn/Typhoon **      Sneaker Wave

Dense Smoke *          Ice Storm             Snow

Drought                Lake-Effect Snow *    Storm Surge/Tide **

Dust Devil *           Lakeshore Flood       Strong Wind Gust *

Dust Storm             Lightning             Tstm Wind **

Excessive Heat         Mrn Dense Fog *       Tornado

Ext Cold/Wnd Chl **    Mrn Hail **           Trop Depression

Flash Flood            Mrn Hvy Fzg Spry *    Trop Storm

Flood                  Mrn High Wind *       Tsunami

Freezing Rain          Mrn Hurcn/Typh *      Volcanic Ash **

Frost/Freeze *         Mrn Lightning *       Waterspout **

Funnel Cloud           Mrn Strong Wind *     Wildfire

Freezing Fog *         Mrn Tstm Wind **      Winter Storm

                       Mrn TstmWind ***      Winter Weather


* New event type

** Modification of an event type

*** Alternate spelling


Five event types (Downburst, High Astr Tides, Non-Tstm Wind

Damage, Non-Tstm Wnd Gst, Tstm Wnd Dmg) will be dropped.


Table 3:  Affected Products


AWIPS ID    WMO ID               Product Name

--------  -----------   ----------------------------------

LSRxxx    NWUS55 Kxxx   Preliminary Local Storm Report (xxx is

                          the 3-letter ID of issuing office)

STAHRY    NWUS22 KWNS   SPC Hourly Severe Weather Report Log

STADTS    NWUS20 KWNS   SPC Daily Severe Weather Report Log


If you have questions, please contact:


Greg Schoor

NWS Severe Storms Services Coordinator

Norman, OK 73072


Mike Dion

NWS Digital and Graphical Support Branch

Silver Spring, MD, 20910


Ashley Kells

NWS Central Processing

Silver Spring, MD 20910


National Service Change Notices are online at: