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Service Change Notice 17-111 Updated

National Weather Service Headquarters Silver Spring, MD

1145 AM EST Mon Nov 5 2017


To:        Subscribers:

           -NOAA Weather Wire Service (NWWS)

           -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


           Other NWS Partners and NWS Employees


From:      Ronla Henry

           NWS AWIPS Program Manager


Subject:  Update 001 - Change in Satellite Broadcast Network

          (SBN) Effective from December 5, 2017. to

          January 16, 2018


Updated to add tentative milestone dates for the satellite



Effective on or about December 5, 2017, through January 16,

2018, there will be dual illumination period with both SES-1 and

Galaxy 28 (G-28) satellites providing service to NOAAPort / SBN



As a reminder, the antennas at all receiving site ground

stations (SGS) will need to realign/re-peak to the G-28 service.

It is our expectation that no new equipment will be needed to

continue receiving NOAAPORT/SBN/NWWS data once the antenna has

been adjusted. The G-28 specifications are below:


G-28 Satellite Location (new): 89 degrees West

FEC Type: DVB-S2

Polarity: Vertical / Right

Band: High, C-Band


NWS is planning for the changeover to G-28 to occur over several

phases to ensure a smooth transition for all users and to

maximize the amount of time with backup services. Tentative

dates are below:


1.    December 5, 2017: G-28 data stream activated while SES-1

continues to broadcast

2.    December 12, 2017: Transition Backup Master Ground Station

services to G-28

3.    January 16, 2018: Terminate SES-1 broadcast


Additional information will continue to be provided in the form

of subsequent Service Change Notices.


If NOAAPORT/SBN/NWWS users experience problems with service

during the satellite transition period, please contact the focal

points below:


Kevin Conaty

     NOAA/NWS Office of Central Processing

     Silver Spring, MD 20910



James Calkins

     NOAA/NWS Office of Central Processing

     Silver Spring, MD 20910



NWS AWIPS sites experiencing service problems should immediately

contact the Network Control Facility.


AWIPS Network Control Facility (NCF) Help Desk

     NOAA/NWS Office of Central Processing

     Silver Spring, MD 20910



National Service Change Notice are online at: