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Service Change Notice 17-127

National Weather Service Headquarters Silver Spring, MD

805 AM EST Mon Dec 4 2017


To:      Subscribers:

         -NOAA Weather Wire Service

         -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


         Other NWS Partners and NWS Employees


From:    Joseph Pica

         Director, NWS Office of Observations


Subject: Changes to GOES/ASOS Cloud Product on Satellite

         Broadcast Network (SBN or NOAAPort) Effective

         January 2, 2018


Effective on or after 15 UTC Tuesday, January 2, 2018, there

will be changes to the Geostationary Operational Environmental

Satellite (GOES) Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS)

Satellite Cloud Product (SCP) on the SBN. 


The changes are associated with the replacement of GOES-13 with

GOES-16 as GOES East on or about December 18, 2017, and the

subsequent transition of GOES-13 to storage mode beginning on or

after January 2, 2018. As described below, SCP coverage for some

GOES East stations will temporarily cease and the basis of the

SCP products for other GOES East stations will change.


The GOES-ASOS SCP product is ideally produced from GOES Sounder

data but it can also be produced from GOES imager data. Since

the GOES-13 sounder degraded in 2015, the GOES East SCP product

has been based on GOES-13 imager data. The GOES-15 (GOES West)

sounder continues to function normally and the GOES West SCP

continues to be produced from GOES West sounder data.


GOES-13 product flows will be disabled on or about January 2,

2018; however, the GOES-16 replacement product for the SCP will

not reach maturity for operational use before June 2018. 

Therefore, when the GOES-13 SCP ceases dissemination, the GOES

ASOS cloud product for the East stations will change in two



1.    Data from the GOES-15 (West) imager will be used to

generate the SCP product for GOES East stations, but only

for stations that are adequately covered by the GOES-15

imager.  This substitution of GOES-15 imager data, as a

basis for the GOES East stations, will be possible only in

the western areas of the GOES East coverage.


2.    For GOES East stations outside the area where the GOES-15

(West) imager can provide the SCP, dissemination of the SCP

will cease on or about January 2, 2018.  This loss of SCP

coverage will continue until the GOES-16 SCP reaches a

level of maturity such that it can disseminate on an

operational basis. 


The SCP headers, AWIPS IDs, and expected impacts are as follows:


   WMO ID        AWIPS ID     REGION              IMPACT CODE

   TCUS40 KNES   SCPER1       Eastern Region #1        1

   TCUS41 KNES   SCPCR1       Central Region #1        2

   TCUS42 KNES   SCPSR1       Southern Region #1       3

   TCUS43 KNES   SCPWR1       Western Region #1        4

   TCUS51 KNES   SCPCR2       Central Region #2        5

   TCUS52 KNES   SCPSR2       Southern Region #2       6

   TCUS53 KNES   SCPWR2       Western Region #2        4

   TCUS62 KNES   SCPSR3       Southern Region #3       1



The Impact Codes, above, refer to product coverage between the

cessation of GOES-13 SCP distribution (approximately January 2,

2018) and the activation of the GOES-16 SCP (no sooner than June

2018), as follows:

1.    Most or all SCP suspended.

2.    Some SCP suspended; SCP for numerous stations provided by

GOES-15 imager data.

3.    SCP suspended for numerous eastern stations; SCP for some

western stations provided by GOES-15 imager data.

4.    No data suspended and no change to data during transition. 

GOES-15 sounder data will continue to be used throughout.

5.    No data suspended.  SCPs for most stations continue to be

provided by GOES-15 sounder data; SCP for remaining eastern

stations to be provided by GOES-15 imager data.

6.    Little or no data loss.  SCPs for western stations continue

to be provided by GOES-15 sounder data; SCP for remaining

eastern stations to be provided by GOES-15 imager data.


Refer to the following supplement for further information about

the geographical coverage of the SCPs and the specific SCP

stations affected by this change.


For questions pertaining to this change or plans for other

NOAAPORT product changes associated with the upcoming GOES East

transition, please contact:


     Brian Gockel

     NOAA/NWS Office of Observations

     Silver Spring, MD 20910



     AWIPS Network Control Facility (NCF) Help Desk

     NOAA/NWS Office of Central Processing

     Silver Spring, MD 20910



For questions regarding the scientific or technical content of

the NOAAPORT-disseminated GOES-16 products please contact:


     Environmental Satellite Processing Center (ESPC) Help Desk

     Suitland, Maryland 20746

     Phone: 301-817-3880



National Service Change Notices are online at: