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Service Change Notice 17-93 Updated

National Weather Service Headquarters Silver Spring, MD

225 PM EDT Mon Sep 18 2017


To:        Subscribers:

           -NOAA Weather Wire Service

           -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


           Other NWS Partners, Users and Employees


From:      Dave Myrick

           NWS Office of Science and Technology Integration


Subject:   Updated: Removal of the Real Time Global 0.5

           degree SST Effective October 2, 2017


Updated to modify the effective date from September 19, 2017, to

October 2, 2017


Effective on or about October 2, 2017, beginning with the 1200

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), the National Centers for

Environmental Prediction (NCEP) will be removing the 0.5 degree

Real Time Global (RTG) Sea Surface Temperature (SST) analysis

and replacing it with the high resolution 1/12th degree.


NCEP has invited comments from users of NCEP SST products and as

best can be established, there are no longer any users of the

low resolution RTGSST.


NCEPs reasons for retiring the legacy RTGSST low resolution are

as follows:


1. The Environmental Modeling Center's (EMC) efforts towards

unification of analysis systems.


2. EMC's discussions with users of lower resolution analyses

having resulted in migration to using the high resolution



The low resolution RTGSST will be discontinued from the

following NCEP Web services:


Where YYYYMMDD is year, month and day


With file names like:







The higher resolution output is available on the same Web

services as above. Remaining users need to migrate to the 1/12th

degree products with file names like:





Any questions, comments or requests regarding this change should

be directed to the contacts below.  We will review any feedback

and decide whether to proceed.


For questions regarding these changes, please contact:


     Robert Grumbine

     Lead, Physical Scientist

     NCEP/Environmental Modeling Center

     College Park, MD


     Carissa Klemmer

     NWS/NCEP Central Operations

     Dataflow Team Lead

     College Park, MD


NWS Service Change Notices are online at: