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Technical Implementation Notice 16-32

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

840 AM EDT Tue Oct 18 2016


To:     Subscribers:

        -NOAA Weather Wire Service

        -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


        Other NWS Partners, Users and Employees


From:   Tim McClung

        Portfolio Manager

        Office of Science and Technology Integration


Subject: Amended: Updates to Ensemble Kernel Density MOS

         (EKDMOS) effective November 15, 2016


Amended to postpone the implementation date from Thursday,

November 3, 2016, to Tuesday, November 15, 2016.


Effective on or about Tuesday, November 15, 2016, beginning

with the 1200 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) run, the

Meteorological Development Laboratory will implement V2.0 of

EKDMOS.  Improvements made for V2.0 include:


- Updated MOS equations and spread-skill equations

- Added ~700 stations used when generating gridded products

- Updated terrain file for the CONUS that is consistent with

other gridded MOS products and the Unrestricted Mesoscale

Analysis (URMA)

- Expanded domain for Alaska, which matches the domain used by

the National Blend of Models (NBM)

- Added gridded probabilistic guidance for the temperature suite

of elements for the Hawaii and Puerto Rico domains


EKDMOS will be run at an earlier time with this implementation.

Gridded guidance for the CONUS and Alaska will be available on

the SBN approximately 60 minutes earlier than the current

operational version:


- 00Z data available ~0730 UTC

- 12Z data available ~1930 UTC


Beginning approximately 1 month prior to the implementation

date, users may find parallel data for download on NOAA's

Operational Model Archive and Distribution System (NOMADS) at

the following link:


Gridded guidance for Hawaii and Puerto Rico will be used as

inputs into the NBM and will not be disseminated on the SBN at

this time. GRIB2 files will be available for download in the

EKDMOS downloads folder on the MDLNET ftp server (this server is

not operationally supported):


Gridded images, text products and meteograms for all domains

will be made available on the EKDMOS web page (this page is not

operationally supported and guidance may not be current):


For questions regarding this change to EKDMOS guidance, contact:


  John Wagner

  MDL/Silver Spring, Maryland



  Matthew Peroutka

  MDL/Silver Spring, Maryland



For questions related to the data flow, please contact:


  Carissa Klemmer

  NCEP Central Operations Dataflow Team



Links to EKDMOS products and descriptions are online at:


NWS national Technical Implementation Notices are online at: