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2009 FEMA Flood Conference

Boston, MA

Too much or too little water can have tremendous consequences. Thus, accurate and timely water information is critical for the health and safety of all citizens and the economic well being of our nation.  In a joint effort between the U.S. Geological Survey, the National Ocean Service, and the National Weather Service, this 90 minute workshop explains a summit to the sea approach in saving lives and property with a focus on the use of new and innovative technologies to provide decision makers the information they need to preposition people and resources to better mitigate the impacts of floods.  The U.S. Geological Survey collects valuable river information which NOAA’s National Weather Service uses to develop river and flood forecasts.  In partnership, along the coast, the National Ocean Service monitors inundation, storm surge and extreme events in the face of changing sea levels.

Mike Norris, USGSMike Norris: U.S. Geological Survey

USGS Streamgaging Program map
Allison Allen, NOS
Allison Allen: National Ocean Service
Link to Powerpoint on National Ocean Service Role InMonitoring Inundation, Storm Surge and Extreme Events
Victor Hom, NWS
Victor Hom: National Weather Service
Link to PowerPoint on National Flood Insurance
see caption below
Dave Vallee and Ed Capone, both from the Northeast River Forecast Center in Taunton, MA, sit on either side of Victor Hom from NWS Headquarters
see caption below
Tom Graziano discusses an issue at the NWS Exhibit booth
see caption below
Gardner Bent and Mike Norris from the U.S. Geological Survey discuss a streamflow issue with a conference attendee.
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Dave Vallee listens to an attendee at the FEMA Flood Conference


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