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Office of Climate, Water, and Weather Services
NWS Water Resources Serrvices Branch

Water Resources Services Branch: W/AFS25
Chief: Mary Mullusky

The Water Resources Services Branch does the following:

  • Oversees the NWS hydrologic warning and forecast program
  • Provides management for hydrologic services to the nation
  • Establishes operating policy and procedures
  • Coordinates the design, validation and implementation of new science and technology and new products and services
  • Establishes and maintains user partnerships
  • Develops the strategic vision for hydrologic services through the Office of Water Prediction, National Centers for Environmental Prediction┬┤s Weather Prediction Center, River Forecast Centers, and Weather Forecast Offices
  • Identifies and validates service needs
  • Establishes operational requirements for hydrologic observations and forecasting and warning applications
  • Represents the NWS on interagency and national forums on matters concerning hydrology and water management
  • Coordinates requirements for hydrologic training within the overall NWS training program
  • Works with other groups to support hydrologic awareness and education, including the Hydrologic Information Center

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